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How much of success is hard work & how much is destiny?

I was speaking with a friend recently about destiny. How much of it is already written and how much of it is in our control? It's both. We have certain attitudes & beliefs, and these beliefs cause us to react (only about 1% of all our actions is from our conscious mind), so our path is 99% already written. People believe that destiny only attracts positive events & emotions. This is not true. Painful experiences can be painted into our destiny because there is a lesson that we came here to learn based on past karma. If we continue to move through life resisting our experiences & where we are right now, the lesson will not be learnt and that experience will continue to cycle into our life perhaps in different clothing, and we will often resist it with such might that this is actually what causes the pain. The hand of destiny is there always, and the ability to see it is the path to abundance & peace. When we see destiny's hand we seek positive meaning in every event that takes place. When we practice seeing the positive and being grateful for the lessons, we surrender & release what has been and we 'clean our karma' so to say so that lesson has now been learned and we make space to create freely in this life.

Karma is not only the deeds performed and the deeds unperformed (not-doing still creates karma) – really painful karma is unfulfilled desires. Our desires were put in us to follow. When we do not follow these we bow down to fear, lack of time, lack of money, lack of energy, we bow down to our past stories & beliefs, so we continue to the same patterns and cause a great deal of frustration internally. When we are in alignment with our desires and our true nature, we still may attract in 'negative' experiences but you will see them as a positive experience and they will likely be less unless you have a lot of karma to clean and actually with every 'negative' karmic experience you are cleaning if you evaluate & surrender. Karma is not there to punish us, our souls invite karma in so we can reach enlightenment by surrendering, it is there to assist us. But this road does not need to be painful & we do not need 'negative' experiences to only teach us. We can decide which road to take, by shifting out beliefs & attitudes, we learn the lessons the gentle way, we become great manifesters and decide to play with life, we stop 'trying' so hard to re-organise everything, and by surrendering to what is we connect with the power of everything and create with ease & grace. So how do you shift your attitudes & beliefs? I'll be launching a 10 day program all on reprogramming coming to you in the next few days.

PS- I have one open spot in my one-on-one mentor program if you'd like to chat more about this send me a DM here XX

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