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How to change the world by investing

I often have interactions with strangers that fill me up. This reminds me that I can both be drained & charged by others. An introvert can only recharge alone, and an extravert recharges with others. I'm convinced now that it's the quality & harmony of the energy that flows into our battery that decides if it recharges or drains, rather than being alone or with people. Some interactions are exhausting, some are nourishing. Anyway, yesterdays interaction was incredible nourishing, it's the type of conversation where you find out more about yourself, where you're surprised by your own wisdom & knowledge, but that's only available because together you create an environment that allows you the support to sail across into unexplored waters, and together you inspire exploration. We spoke about the speed & exaggeration of the world, fast sex, fast money, fast 'mastery', and the grossness of 'beauty'. We also spoke on investing & money and I kept it in mind to write this today. We want a rich life now. We don't want to work like a slave for some point in the future where we can finally enjoy freedom. We feel restricted by the old paradigms of going to university, working hard, reproducing, having a few holidays here and there, and essentially waiting for retirement to really live, by which stage you've sold half of your life to the 'system'. We have seen how it stifles vibrancy and free-thinking. We care about how we live, how the way we move through the world effects the world, we want to leave it in a better state than we arrived. Crypto currency ticks all of this, it's allure of getting rich instantly without the time & hard work, it's the opportunity for freedom in the sense that money is no longer a barrier, it's a big 'fuck you' to the institutions and the old exclusive way to build wealth that essentially shut out the majority. It's a motif for freedom of the future. A future run by the people totally deregulated. A future where we no longer put our wealth in the hands of the economy run by governments, where in too many countries it completely corrupt and because of the self-serving interests it erodes wealth that we've built. The currency allows for a direct conversation with everyone from every country, it's not bound by boarders. It's not controlled by the system, it's controlled by the people. It really ticks all the boxes, it's a way to access financial freedom instantly and it's an investment in a future built on the back of the 'system'. I'm a huge fan of freedom and disrupting barriers of entry. However crypto currency will not be the vessel for this over the sustainable future. But there is something else that will be. Creating an 'us' vs 'them' will not work, because there is no seperate 'us' vs 'them', it's the same eco-system. Yes there are shitty rich people, and shitty CEOS's, and shitty politicians. But there are also shitty 'middle class' and 'working class' people, shitty teachers, shitty waiters, and shitty accountants. The thing is that the shitty powerful rich people are more dangerous because they have more reach. So we look at the 1% of shitty within the 1% of rich and create a 'them'. In reality most people who are rich and powerful want to make the world a better place. And the very rich people I've met are generally less preoccupied with money & wealth then the majority because they have it and realise it isn't the important, so generally they have more space to become self- actualised and focus on something greater than themselves. Do you believe that rich people are evil? Many people deep down have this unconscious belief. The 'rich' are rich because we have voted for them with our dollar and with our eyes, we have bought what their business is selling, we use resources, we have apple products, we search with google, we are so reliant on what the 'them' provides, we are the ones supporting 'them', the 'system'. Don't you see that we are the system, we already have the power, and we choose where the world goes based on how we consume. We don't need to have huge ambitions outside of ourself to move towards what we desire the world to be, but instead to clean our own home up, that is the biggest impact we can make. Governments have very little power these days, it's the companies that have a huge amount of potency, and we are feeding the companies. There is not a system that needs to collapse, we are in a symbiotic relationships, we tear it down and we harm ourselves. But if we see that we have the power we can work with it. The idea of an unregulated financial system won't happen, and it would be a total disaster if it were to happen, it would be very very ugly. We are already seeing governments create their own crypto currencies. The government uses currency to manage monetary policy, to heat up cool down the economy, this is a good thing. It would not be possible for the world to have 1 currency because each country has its own unique needs, this is the job of the central bank who sets interest rates & economic policy. It must formulate a uniform economic policy across the world with the same interest rates everywhere no matter what the economic condition of individual countries is. This would not be possible on a global level. It would cause havoc on export & imports, which is managed by manipulating the currencies value, and would cause even greater disparity. When you understand this you understand it is not possible for one digital currency to be the main currency across the globe. What will work to build wealth quickly is to become a master at our art, opening up the portholes to be paid from soul work. What will create financial freedom and income streams is investing is solid businesses over time and using the power of compound interest. What will shape the future is voting with how we consume, and even the way we invest, it's now very easy to invest ethically, I do it with myself and teach this. When you invest this way it becomes irrelevant if all currency becomes digital or not because you are holding the ownership of a business, not currency, when you sell it whatever currency is 'the' currency at the time is the exchange you'll receive for it. So in a way it's a hedge against what will happen with money. Investing in businesses is also a way to gain access to the crypto technology because these enterprises will be and are already are integrating the technology into their systems. You get exposure without all the risk, and are investing in something with an actual tangible value today that produces an income, rather than something thats only value is what someone else would pay for it. Ok this feels very long and I want to eat lunch. PS- Want to learn how to build your own ethical investment portfolio? Join Invest like a Queen. Sign up here and get access right away.

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