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  • Freya Savage

How to do less and get more results than most

Let's be real with each other. That running around like a crazy person trying to keep it all together, afraid that it's all going to fall apart, freaking out about not having quite enough money, working out because if you don't you'll turn into a sloppy potato, just holding on, that feeling like you're only scraping through and yet all your time and money seems to be allocated before you even get up in the morning sucks. No space to breath, to slow down, because, f*ck, then it all will all fall apart. I've been there, I used to live like this, I'd block out 10 min blocks in my calendar and it was ALWAYS full. And it kind-of worked. I was making 6 figures in my 20's but felt like I had just enough, I had just enough time to do the things I 'needed' to do but definitely nothing extra - I had to put in my calendar even when I'd wash my hair! I was burnt out, but I was afraid that if I stopped it would all fall apart. The thing is, I was taking action from a place of lack, from a place of 'OMG I need to do all these things otherwise I will be broke, fat and dumb". It had me running on a hamster wheel, and, yes, as I said - it kind of worked. At least short term. But there was no space to create bigger things, no space to allow in more prosperity, money, and health. I had hit a ceiling and had no more 'time, money, energy' to create real results because I was acting only in the material world. I spent over 1 year working on my mindset around money and time. Every damn day. I didn't get up from my meditation position until I released the 'mad rush' and replaced it with trust and gratitude. I started to feel like I was doing less, actually, I often feel like I do nothing at all. Even though if I wrote down a full list of what I do in a day you'd be amazed at how much I do, much more than the average person, but things are slower and I seem to have more than enough time and money. I shift my energy FIRST, before taking any action. That way the action is purposeful and aligned. Taking action from a place of crazed rush and lack will keep you running on that hamster wheel. Trust that doing work on yourself IS what will result in EPIC prosperity. Like I tell my clients, this is not the stuff you do when you have time or when you remember to do it. It's the MOST important task to do, it's the ONLY task that really matters. Do this first and it will be clear what actions are actually important and they will be done with grace and ease, and with plenty of time to spare.

Learn this truth with me!


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