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How to find the teacher & the teachings

The teachings and teachers are always here... There is no need to seek for the knowledge that you are seeking... Because if it's the wisdom that you need at this moment it will be presented... Release the need to learn things linearly, to read only one book at a time, to follow the stages someone else has walked before you... If that's what you're directed to do, then that's perfect... But often we are given a non-linear direction from inside through a tiny whisper... I know for me I had these ideas that: I need to finish before I start something new, I need to follow a book/program/ etc in sequence, I need to work my way up in a progression that someone else laid out... Then I would get this feeling of irritation & I'd rush to finish the thing so I can move through it & get started on the book or lesson I actually am being called to dance with... This call is the soul directing us to where the lesson or wisdom this moment is... That it's safe to trust it rather than resist it... I used to think that if I took a coaching program I needed to show up to every group session live, do all of the home work, rinse everything out from it in order to get the most out of it. Now I see it's kind of like finishing everything on your plate even if you're full. This comes from lack of trust that infinite wisdom is always available...that I'm my greatest teachers & my intuition will always guide me on where the teachings are, not someone outside of myself...while they can often awaken something inside of me, ultimately it's only me who can truly unfold myself... Now I listen to the group sessions when I feel called, I skip over the ones that don't speak to me, I go back to older ones, I let myself be directed by myself... No pressure to finish something just to finish it... I trust if there is something I want to delve into the teacher will just show up...and they always do... I was speaking with a client today about how I go about hiring staff for my business..I have the same type of system if you can call it a system...I set the intention & literally they will appear...I don't write any description of what I'm looking online- maybe I'll be lead to do this in the future, but I haven't been yet.... When my last PA got a full-time job & left my business, I just set the intention of the kind of energy & person I was looking for, then Chris mentioned his cousin's girlfriend, I knew instantly that she was the one...and it fit like a glove, she loves doing the work & I absolutely love working with was so effortless, she started to work with me a week after my last PA left... I didn't stress about it, I didn't worry about HOW, I just set the intention and decided that it would unfold as it should...and it always does... The support we wish for is always may not be in the form you expect it.... it may not come about the way you imagen.... it may look completely different... Letting go of control of the how & the idea that there are linear steps that need to be followed, has allowed the support, the downloads, the teachings, the growth, to flow 10X... We are always in a dance with the universe.. Trying to control it is like cock blocking the universe, or like using only the top half of your body in life... We are one heart, one mind, one being... So, of course, it shows up, because the idea was the universes to begin with, it's already there in the wings... The thing is most people actually push it away or make it harder because they think about all the roadblocks & literally wish the thing away... No one is a 'better' manifester or more powerful than anyone else.. There are those who are more organised & conscious... So , of course,those with an organised consciousness around their intentions will call in what's aligned to their conscious desires....those who are chaotic & in lack will see the problems & why it's not possible for them, so that's also exactly what they call in.... We are all-powerful manifesters.... are you using your tools to support your life? or are you just swinging it around hitting yourself in the head? JUST DROPPED....RICH AS FUCK Unfuck your money mindset with 21 days with me... EARLY BIRD ON NOW. 21 DAYS LIVE WITH MONEY EXPERT FREYA TO UNFUCK YOUR MONEY STORIES THAT ARE KEEPING YOUR BROKE & SAD. UNLOCK THAT VERSION OF YOU THAT MONEY, WEALTH, ABUNDANCE ARE JUST SIMPLY PART OF YOUR IDENTITY. Your internal landscape will either support you in being rich or it will keep you trapped & poor no matter how much money you bring in & no matter how many 'practical' strategies you have in place. There is so much misinformation about money mindset & the steps required to receive the life & wealth you desire.... the truth is, it's a lot easier & a lot simpler than most people make it out to be. You don't need to heal all your traumas, you don't need to be crystal clear about what you want, you don't even have to be in alignment, you just have to this program I'll teach you how to hack job your way to a solid money mindset that gets results without all the BS fluff. Join now to get the early bird for $199 off plus the first 4 sign-ups will get a free private money magnetising coaching session with me use the code RICHAF at checkout. Click here to sign up. You'll have lifetime access to the program and you'll have access to the bonuses right away.

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