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How to make a great decision? Hint: It's a trick question

I sometimes have these moments where I don't know what to choose, I get caught in this loop, weighing up the pros and cons.

It's fucking exhausting.

And I really believe all this thinking and 'what if-ing' has no impact on the quality of the decision in the end. In fact, from observation, it seems to mean I move further away from my own truth & more into the 'I should'.

So what's a girl to do? Limit decisions?

Like those tech entrepreneurs that have a whole closet of the same black t-shirt and the same pants?

Minimise my life so I can be like a robot and focus on the things that I believe are 'important'?


Because that shrinks my facades, it shrinks the art, it says 'I'm only doing the things I do for a result and everything else that doesn't seem directly correlated get piss off'.

I choose to play and flow with life.

It's kind of like a dance, we can practice the Macarena and do the same dance every day and we will get really good at the macarena.

We will even dance to the macarena when Beethoven comes on, with resistance, hoping the music will change soon so the Macarena doesn't feel so awkward.

Or we can improvise, we can move with how we feel in the moment, move with the music, we can let our body guide us. There is no decision on what movement to do next because the body just takes us there.

This is how I decide to do life.

I never 'decide' what I'm going to wear, my soul chooses for me. I don't think about it, I open my cupboard and ask 'soul what will you have me wear today?' boom choice made, there was no looping, there was no internal dialogue, it's just done.

When I sit down to write this email every day, I don't think about what I'm going to write, I might have an idea, in fact, the platform I use asks me to put in the title before I start writing the content. 99% of the time when I've finished writing the original title has nothing to do with what was spilled out of me and I change it.

I have tried to write about what I 'should' write about, what I told myself is a good topic. I have tried to run programs on what I thought was a 'great' idea. But it all feels like an uphill battle because I'm forcing myself to do a dance that might not be what my soul is feeling right now, so there is this internal push.

I find when I follow the 'white rabbit' based on the downloads I get from soul my day moves into these wild & beautiful places, interesting things happen, I feel no sense of rush, I always get all the needle moving things done, I have more than enough time.

I never need to make a decision. I fully trust I will be guided to answer, and that every choice is the right choice.

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