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How Tracking My Money Daily Makes Me Money

Focus and commitment don’t last.

Neither does taking a shower. That's why you need to do it daily.

Not yearly, not monthly, not bi-weekly, but daily.

I've been doing it wrong. I had been tracking my money weekly and to be honest with you sometimes I'd forget to do it, then I'd be halfway through the month and I'd have no idea what's come in. Not only that but I realized yesterday when my friend paid for my drink that I don't track all of the gifts I am given. Dinners, lifts, yoga clothes, flowers. I've only been tracking my payments, but am I actually given so much. I've been at least missing 50% of the inflow!

You might think you're not given much, but I promise you that's because you're not tracking it. Find 10 cents on the ground? Yep, that's a gift from the mother universe, that needs to be tracked.

But "Isn't tracking just a waste of time? Should I rather use that time on sales? creating? working? Surely that's what will bring in more money?."


You see that what we focus on we bring in more of. People aren't just lucky or unlucky, they make their own luck.

When you start focusing on the gifts and payments you receive it will grow, not only that you'll create a side effect of feeling fucking grateful.

More on this in the video below. It’s a live session that I recorded some time ago. In case you have trouble viewing it, hit this link to take you directly to my Facebook page.

Want to take your money & life to the next stage? Book in a chat with me by clicking this link xxx

You can also take part in the self-study course I’ve prepared. It’s called Invest Like a Queen and will give you all the basics you need in order to take the steer in your own hands!

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