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Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt because of crypto

You're so afraid you'll make the wrong move, so you make no move.

You wait until you're clear.

But clarity never comes.

Then the urgency over takes you, and you make a move, but it's a move out of desperation, out of missing out, out of suffocation.

And then it's plays out and you're back where you started, or somewhere in the swamps.

I was speaking with someone recently who made a few hundred thousand in crypto, then thought it was a done deal, so he borrowed up to his eye balls and invested with borrowed money into the market.

He lost it all, and was now hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

He thought it was his way to 'freedom'.

There is no silver bullet, if you think it's a silver bullet, it will come back and shoot you. I've seen it over and over.

There are no gurus who have the answers for you.

There is no get rich quick strategy that you can rinse and repeat.

There is not one way.

One of my mentors recently said to me 'the strategy is no strategy'.

Absolutely, except, and there is ALWAYS an exception to the rule...except when you're building wealth.

There is a strategy, your strategy will look different from someone elses but you need to have a strategy.

Building wealth is a long-term play, and you need to know how the game works so you can play it.

You get clarity by getting educated on how money works, how systems work. NOT by following some spiritual guru on manifestation, 'passive incomes' through pyramid schemes & crypto.

Actual money management that comes from STATISTICS and LOGIC and you use the averages so you know how it will play out long term.

Then you make a move, and you do it precisely, consistently, and you stay focused on the big picture.

The only way to build financial freedom, where you have passive income coming through is if you invest.

Invest in what?

Invest in businesses that pay out profits.

Not gold, precious stones, crypto, none of these actually produce any income.

And you will not build long term wealth keeping your money in cash.

You will not build long term wealth investing in assets that do no produce profit from a service or a product.

Get a solid cash flow system in place so everything is automated, including your investments. Know how to use cash & what to use it for, understand what you want and then structure your finances to support that, stop letting your finances structure your life.

If you want to get rich quick leave my energy field, your desperation is gross.

You're an artist, you're a genius, stop trying to pull tricks when you have infinite access right here, right now.

Money comes because of an identity decision. Money is always here, it's just a matter of allowing it in, and knowing how to treat it when it arrives.

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