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I commit for forever. Do you?

Removing the pressure of time is what changes a gamble into a sure thing.

If you removed the time period of your desires, how possible is it now? How much space does it give you? How committed do you become to it?

Some people give up on their dreams when the results don't come, or they never even start because 'it's not the right time'. Both ask time for direction, rather than soul.

The soul knows no time. Energy knows no time.

If it was from the soul, from your own inner knowing and it 'didn't work', it was because you didn't commit for forever, because you gave up too early, because you were focused on the results and not the expression of the 'thing' itself.

Then other people, like me, don't stop, even if it means we crawl on our hands and knees, we don't stop.

But to have this disposition can also lead us astray without a solid inner knowing of our own North Star. The guidance that directs from love, truth & freedom.

It takes discretion to be able to hear this guidance, because there are other voices that can imitate this.

I spent most of my life following maps that were not from this knowing, that lead me further away from my own truth & love. I'm great at committing, I continue on with bleeding feet, literally.

The idea of time expresses a measure of an end. Of a finish line.

But this is totally false.

There is no end.

There was never was a start & there will never be an end.

It's infinite.

This is why I invest for forever, in myself, for myself.

Short-term & long-term are limited concepts, time is not linear. What you do 'today' for the 'future' can be gratification in 'today'.

To change the perception of delayed gratification, to the deep gratification of progression and commitment itself.

The difference between treating your life like an investment versus a gamble is taking a forever perspective. Investing for forever in your health, relationships, finances, creativity. How would you eat? How would you spend your day? How would you speak? How would you relate to your 'dreams'? If you zoomed out and saw it as infinite.

With this view the 'cost' starts looking like an 'investment'.

The 'cost' of fasting & forgoing the instant satisfaction of food, becomes an investment in your health.

The 'cost' of paying $5,000 for a solid financial strategy, becomes an exponential growth factor in millions of dollars to provide you with financial freedom.

The 'cost' of doing that program or paying that mentor, becomes an investment in your mastery.

The 'cost' of spending an hour a day exercising, becomes an investment in your confidence, energy & body.

The 'cost' of spending time being present with someone you love without checking your phone or distracting yourself, becomes an investment in deep connection and love.

The 'cost' of committing to your art at the expense of instant money from being employed, becomes an investment in your artistry, in your soul and in future wealth beyond what could ever be possible working for someone else.

But most people only commit 'so long as' they get results within X amount of time.

That's why so many people invest in crypto without learning the fundamentals of creating financial liberation.

That's why so many people sell within multi-level-marketing without actually scratching the surface of their own artistry.

That's why so many businesses fail.

That's why so many people are sick, overweight and exhausted.

That's why so many people are lost.

Because they don't know how to listen to, let alone trust their own inner guidance without needing quick results for proof.

The stock market is such a great example of the rewards of having a 'forever' focus.

The stock market has been around since the late 1700's.

I've worked in finance for only a short piece of that, 12 years, there has twice been a real sense of 'this time it's all over, it will all fall apart' from the average person & the media, even some 'experts'.

And those with a short-term perspective pull out and lose money and then say 'hey, I tried that and it didn't work'.

It didn't work because they didn't know what they were doing, because they didn't focus the time, energy & money to INVEST in knowledge that would create a foundation to use the system to support them & create financial abundance.

Because they were gambling, not investing.

Investing is forever.

Gambling is buy, sell, buy, sell.

Gambling is predicating 'bets' based on loose assumptions of the future. Yes you crypto traders who think you are 'investing' because you are in for the 'long-term' are still gambling because you are assuming the value of an asset based purely on the 'future'.

Where as a businesses value is based on the tangible assets right now, the balance sheet, cash flow, they are actually selling something that people buy today and future cash-flow is much more predictable.

Crypto currency doesn't have any cash flow! Its only value is based on what someone will buy for it. You have to actually sell it to make money, and those crypto products that provide 'income' is essentially just a pyramid debt scheme.

I don't doubt that crypto won't have a place in the future, it will be huge, but it won't look like it looks today, so betting long-term on 'currencies' that are available right now is a gamble. And you don't need to gamble to build wealth!

Investing in diversified businesses that will be using this technology you essentially get this exposure to crypto without all the risk.

The most difficult thing about teaching people how to invest is that most people want instant results. That is not investing.

The instant result is knowing that your money will grow, that you are investing and not gambling. The instant result is that you become educated & knowledgeable.

Gambling is risk & predicated on uncertainty.

Investing is essentially a guarantee.

The old saying of higher risk higher reward is not an absolute. In fact the opposite is true in how I manage my own money & life.

I take the pressure off time and commit to the mastery, that removes risk and guarantees reward.

I commit for forever. Do you?

So excited to have launched the 3rd round of Invest like a Queen, I've had over 100 students come through the program so far. In this I teach you how to invest rather than gamble. How to essentially guarantee progression and growth. How to create your own investment philosophy based on fundamental principles that are true & proven. But this is not for those looking to get-rich-quick, this is for those who want to invest in themselves and their future. Sign up here and invest in your financial future.

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