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I Got 99 Potentials

Some time ago my partner and I had a session with our relationship coach Whitney Miller.

We were speaking about how we use questions and the past to feel like our current emotions are valid. If we feel like we have been betrayed we will remember that feeling and bring up that time 3 years ago when we were lied to. We do this to find proof.

The thing is we are searching for proof to sabotage ourselves and our relationships. 

I see this with my clients around bringing in the money they desire. They often truly believe they are not ready yet. That there is some problem that needs to be solved first. 

Often we feel unprepared, we feel like we are unsupported, we feel the lack. So the subconscious mind comes in and wants us to feel right and starts bringing up proof of when things 'failed' or how we have so many 'problems'.

This causes the action we take to come from fear.

What would it look like if you have faith that everything you desire is yours? That you couldn't fail? How would that change your actions and interactions?

More about this in the lifestream I recorded on Facebook:

I work with my clients to build a life that is financially freeing and soul-aligned, through money mindset, financial education, and creating multiple income streams. If this speaks to you, book in a one-on-one here xxx

I’m so excited to tell you about my course Super Money Genius - we tackle practical investment education teamed with money mindset tools. You can find out more here.

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