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I Love Capitalism And I'm A Hippie... Here Is Why You Should Too

Let’s talk about capitalism and how it relates to your financial freedom. But first, let’s talk about me (one of my favorite topics). My parent in-laws think I’m a hippie, my parents can’t quite figure me out, and my Bengal cat thinks I'm a chew toy. What others believe I am is just a story. I get to decide what my truth is.

I get to be many things, ALL THE THINGS, I’m multi-facade person, I’m whatever I damn well choose to be in this moment. I’m for free love, inappropriate hugs at corporate engagements, wearing my bikinis while I run clients through the foundations of dollar-cost averaging.

The age of rules and boundaries of ‘I’m this person at work, that person at home, and this person in the bed’ are shifting, or is it that perhaps I’ve been in Ubud for too long and I’m losing touch with reality? ;p No, they are shifting.

We are invited to be all of us, all the time. Maybe not by ALL the humans around us who find comfort in us fitting into their story, a narrative we no longer identify with.

But there is this power to the weird and wonderful people (which is everyone) vibe bubbling up.

We have seen how the demand for equality of minorities has pressured the institutions to make changes to become the mainstream. Such as gay marriage being approved in Australia, recently I spotted a trans being interviewed on a very conservative talk show, and when I look at buying clothes online the models look like the average body shape (not there is actually an 'average' body shape, but you know what I'm saying).

The people are speaking and they are saying ‘be who you want to be, there is no need to hide’ and the corporations are listening. The rise of globalization and connection through social media has meant that voices of those who have been quietly ostracised are now being heard.

And guess who is hearing the voices loud and clear? Big businesses, know that to be supported and continue on in the next era they need to stand by the people. In fact, it’s the big businesses that are making most of the headway on climate change as opposed to the government who in Australia is still deciding if it’s all a hippie conspiracy. So who really holds the biggest hand in creating change? It’s certainly not the government, thank my spirulina plant-based gnocchi.

The big businesses? Yes, they have the resources to take action and boycott B2B with industries that are a destructive and low vibe, as well as shift the core of their own structure in the workplace to support equality, make positive environmental changes, be greater than profit and all of that jazz.

But they are doing all of this because of you! Because of your voice, because you’re the damn customer and you have the power to buy or not buy. So back to capitalism. Capitalism gets a bad rap as if it’s some scary dark temple of doom created by reptiles who are stealing from the people. Let me tell you about capitalism. Capitalism is what allows you to have an iPhone, it’s what builds homes, it’s what provides roads, cars, everything you use on a daily basis. It exists because you buy the products & services that these companies are selling. These companies employ people, not only that, the owners of these companies are likely your Mum & Dad, and probably even you. So I promised we would talk about capitalism and the money in your pocket. And I’m getting there. In the roundabout way that I like to get there because of F the rules and TEEL structure, right? You likely have a retirement fund. In that fund, you likely hold the big banks, google, apple, probably some pharmaceutical companies and maybe some resource stocks plus a range of other businesses. You’re the profiter capitalism, capitalism, my friend, is the way to financial freedom. And there is nothing dirty about it.

Don't support some of these big businesses? Do something about it. Stop buying their shit, and get educated on what you're invested in.  You keep flying your weirdo flag, being you, living in your alignment and truth and you’ll change the world.

I work with my clients to build a life that is financially freeing and soul-aligned, through money mindset, financial education, and creating multiple income streams. If this speaks to you, book in a one-on-one here xxx

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