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I love to sell, but it wasn't always the case.

One of my tasks in the internship I had at a finance firm was to get prospect bookings for the financial advisors. I had a list of numbers that would cold call for hours. Initially, I was petrified. I would be annoying, I'd get rejected, no one would say yes. I'd sit there slowly dialling the number, hoping they wouldn't pick up or hoping the number would be disconnected. I was awful at it, of course, because I had already decided that I was bothering them before I had even dialled the number. And of course, that's what they felt. But then something happened. I started to get very comfortable with it, I started to be curious about the person on the other end of the line, and I also really believed in what it was that I was offering to them. I really believed that they could benefit from having a session with a financial advisor (and I still think this is energy & money well spent). It actually became fun, I loved the challenge, I started to have more people book in sessions with advisers. When someone was angry or annoyed I didn't take it personally. I actually loved to sell! The thing is, I always hated people selling to me, I'd get so annoyed even if a shop assistant asked me if they could help! No wonder I was shit at selling initially because I hated being sold to. I was incredibly tight with my money & I felt like if anyone sold to me they were trying to take it off me, I'd feel defensive straight away. I'm now an easy sell. I love being sold to, especially by a great pitch, forget about the product itself! In fact the other day I had a meeting with a potential marketing strategist, he used exactly the same sales script that I was taught. I knew exactly the question that was coming next. And I loved it!! I felt like comrades. I was so pleased to answer the questions and go through the process with him. I decided right away that I'd sign up with him, he hasn't even sent me the price or the strategy yet, but I just know it's a yes because I loved the pitch! I'll often now buy things because I'm so impressed by the pitch itself. Last night I ordered dinner from the sweet Thai woman who grows her own veggies, she makes these coconut and date treats I ordered some to pick up today, she asked me do I want 6 rather than 4 because it's only 50baht more. I loved that question! I said no because I would sit and eat them all in one go. I don't have snacks in the house for that reason. But I loved that she asked. We are always selling, even if it feels like you don't sell directly, you sell yourself all the time! It's so natural for us, it only feels unnatural when we actually start thinking that we are 'selling'. It's like when a friend or family asks about something that you're passionate about, you go all blurry-eyed, like a schoolgirl with a crush, your body & heart do the speaking- that is sales. You don't even realise it! Sales is never awkward if we connect to what we are selling from the heart. I literally sit and meditate on the offer that I'm working with, I'll feel into it, connect with it, eye gaze with the sales page if I need to! Whatever it takes. You need to be selling more than what you're selling right now. People forget, so often I'll get people messaging me saying 'oh I wanted to join your program but something came up and I forgot'. It's not that they don't want what you're offering it's that they have shit going on in their lives, the baby just threw up on them as they were putting in their credit card, the dog just escaped as they were about to respond to you. You know this, because it happens to you too when you plan on buying something. I love being an easy sell. Let the money cycle & flow. Let us all share our offers, services & products.

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