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I'm always focused, even when I'm not

Stay focused.

Not by saying no.

Not by saying yes.

But by taking direction directly from soul.

Most people are making way to many decisions, thinking about every possible outcome, then thinking some more, by the time they get to actually doing life they are exhausted, and then once they make a decision they start trying to decide if it was actually the right thing to do?

I decided not to make decisions a few months ago.

I don't float around being pulled into whatever comes up, no.

I decided that soul always knows what to do and I don't need to think about it.

I decided that the answers come through me, so I don't need to think about it.

This literally gave me years of my life back, it's kind of like have a really great CEO who always knows the answer, so I can focus on enjoying myself and drinking chocolate frosties.

Because what matters to me in life is that I'm experiencing the best quality of it, that I'm really tasting it!

Of course there are moments that I forget to listen to my CEO and I go rouge, but I know when it's happened because I feel frustrated and antsy.

Then I feel frantic because 'I've wasted time' feeling more annoyed at myself and annoyed at everyone. And I get myself into a real knot.

After many years in this pattern, I can now catch it. I know to slow down, listen in, because soul always guides me on what's next. If I cannot hear her, I sit quietly.

I trust that I always have more than enough time. That time is infinite and we are infinite.

No need to rush.

I am always guided to what's important for my evolution. Even the 'wasting time' was a part of it.

So, in fact, time is never wasted.

One of the biggest physical shifts I took was turning off all notifications, and creating the morning totally free of consuming other peoples stuff. I also stopped consuming any news and any violent content. No one else gets to run the direction & focus of my life except for me.

Plus I switched this belief:

It's easier to become distracted the more distracted I become. 

with this:

I'm always guided to what's important and I easily shift back on track, and that it was all part of the track.

When I'm thinking about what to do I know I'm listening to the wrong voice.

I trust I will always be guided to do the things that move the needle.

That the things I don't do, actually don't need to be done.

When I feel lost I come back into my purpose- what is my intention for the year? So then what is my intention for today?

Only once I get focused and do the things that are in my intention do I allow myself to move into other people's worlds, and even then, I know I can leave at any time, and I definitely do. I've been known to tell my friends to leave because it's time for me to have my time, in the most polite way.

Their are so many causes so many projects. But there is one that will really call your heart. Do that.

It's easy to take your eye off the ball if you don't know what ball to look at...

is it a tennis ball?

a football?

a netball?

a ball about to hit you in the head, but it's actually the shadow of a bird?...this was me at school.

Decide what ball you are looking at, what your priorities are, the things that you move you forward and do that.

When I say move forward, I don't mean that there is anywhere that you even need to get to because you are already here, you already have it all.

It's really just a matter of becoming more of that version of you, which is already inside of you.

So stop running around like a crazy person not actually moving any needles.


Run around like a crazy person moving the needles.

Because moving the needle is fun, not because you actually have to, but because you get to!

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