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"I'm just not good with numbers and money"

If I had a piece of chocolate cake every time an intelligent woman said to me: 'I'm just not good with numbers' or 'I suck with money' I'd be fat, like really really fat, so fat I'd need a crane to move me from my bed like the Mum in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. My bed would actually be made of chocolate cake, and chocolate cake batter would come out of the kitchen tap. It's not that these women don't understand money or numbers. It's that they were never taught this stuff! The education that most women do get is over a casual chat here and there with some sweet cowboy crypto trader with tattoos and great biceps who might know about macros but knows shit about investment 101. Biceps may even have made some money, but you know that this is NOT a credential to build long term wealth that leads to total financial independence. This is a speeding train, don't get on it, admire the biceps, lick them if you want to, but do not let his words infiltrate your finances ladies. These interactions with the biceps often leave the people more confused, like they are missing out & need to take action urgently, also it can leave them feeling a little stupid because they can't quite grasp the 'how'. I'm so glad you didn't grasp it. It's not that you're stupid, it's that you're actually intelligent. Your inner self has questions, although the inner self is not quite sure what the questions are because it doesn't quite make sense. YES IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, not because of you, but because the information you've been given doesn't make sense. When it comes to practical decisions, especially around money, you don't want to just shoot from the hip. Your inner self needs to know the foundations, the big picture of how it works & the purpose of it all before you dive in. That's why you don't get it, because they don't have a big picture, they don't have an investment philosophy and they are literally gambling. And you are not a gambler. It's kind of like you enquiring on how to build wealth, and then someone starts explaining to you how to count cards. It's such a random, risky, and time consuming way to build wealth, and the averages tell say that you'll loose over the long term no matter how great you are at it. Deep down you know that there is another way that is CALMER, that is actually SIMPLE, that makes SENSE. So yes you haven't grasped it yet, not because you're bad with numbers or because you don't understand money. BECAUSE IT SMELLS FISHY because you like to know the fundamentals & principles first BEFORE you make a move. Listening to money advice from a bank, a crypto trader, someone trying to push an investment product or a property, is kind of like taking advice from Donald Trump on sensuality. Here is where it gets even more interesting. Ok well maybe for me because I get excited especially by this part of it all.... So now you say- 'yes I want to understand the principles & how to use these money principles to support my life.... but I'm afraid that I just won't get it' You deep down believe that you're just not wired to understand it. I get it! Over the last 6 months I've had over 30 students learn about money & investment from me. They all get it. Most of them thought they just would never get it. And they all get it!! Not because I'm an amazing guide, although I must say I'm pretty great at what I do. BUT the credit really goes to the teachings because they are actually so SIMPLE. You don't need to be good at math, you don't need to know shit about shit. You can & you will build sustainable wealth in a way that will make sense to you. It will make sense I promise you. No one ever taught you the EDUCATED basics of managing & growing money before. It won't leave you confused, it will leave you empowered & confident. Then this will no longer be a thing, it won't be something that keeps you up, it won't be something you worry about. It will be a no-thing, that you just know is sorted and you'll have this knowledge for life. You don't need to count cards, you don't need to learn how to be a day trader, you don't need to buy crypto. Please don't do these things (unless you do it for fun and still have a financial strategy outside of this). Back yourself, educate yourself, this is the only way to reach sustainable financial independence. It's so much easier than what you think, if you're reading this you are DEFINITELY intelligent enough to understand this stuff.

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