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"I want to be of service" is some BS

I want to be of service, I want to change the world, I want to help people. I'm sorry but that's probably your bullshit small insecure human self who is lost in life, takes everything so fucking seriously, and wants to have some type of significance by being seen as a saviour, or a 'good bloke' as they may call you in down-under. -God I know I've been away from Australia for a long time when I start calling it down-under, only people not from Aus call it that.- Your purpose is to deal with your own shit and live your own fucking life. Period. The greatest gift you can give to the world is to be the real fucking you. To stop doing shit out of obligation, to stop doing things because you think it's the 'right' thing to do. Because that's who a good friend/employee/lover/dog owner is. The world does not need saving. It's already whole. It doesn't mean shit things don't happen, and it doesn't mean you just walk blindly past people who are suffering and not help them. Unless you don't want to. Because you actually don't have to do shit. And how fucking refreshing to actually be in congruence with who you truely are, rather than who you think you need to be. If you give your boyfriend a blow job so he'll take the cat to the vet. That's forcing yourself to do something you wouldn't otherwise do in order to get an outcome, or we can call it manipulation. If you give your boyfriend a blow job so you don't have to have sex with him but can still fulfil part of your 'duties' as a partner. That's also moulding yourself into who you think you need to be to avoid being a lonely cat lady. But if you give your boyfriend a blow job because you love his cock & enjoy giving pleasure. That's an action from the real you, that's your purpose. You can pretty much use the analogy for everything in life to do a quick check if you're being a manipulative people pleaser and sucking the life force out of yourself & everyone around you OR are you being the real you which by default is the greatest gift to humanity. It might seem selfish to live life this way, to not have some bullshit mission statement like 'I'm here to heal the world from all the past masculine trauma using reiki and tarot cards'. And it is selfish. And that's actually what we need. Less fucking wishy-washy bullshit. More being real. You don't need to fucking think positive AND don't you dare do a vision board for 2021 otherwise I'll come to your house, tear it up and eat it. Ok I don't really hate vision boards that much, I've even made a few in my day, and if you want to create one I'd actually be down with it (send me a pic!). BUT what I'm trying to say in a very obnoxious way is that to live the life you want, to be all the things, to have all the things you first need to see that it's all just a game. And that you're playing it right now. It's already on. You're already here, and everything is possible right now. Don't take any of it too seriously, it's safe for you to be ALL of you, to say no, to be a 'bitch', to stop doing shit you don't actually want to do, to stop feeling like you're not of purpose yet because you need some big fucking purpose. The purpose is to experience. It's not even to ascend. Ascension is here right now. And it's happening to you. If you want to or not we are all ascending. We are all spiritual, whether you like it or not, you are a spiritual being and it has nothing to do with religion or how many yoga classes you've been to. You just are by default. If you don't feel bliss, peace, contentment right now, it isn't going to fall into your lap, you're not even going to get it by 'working towards it'. It's a decision to feel it right now, because it's already here. Then when you create from this place being of service is just a byproduct of you doing you. Not because you want to be of service, but just because you give without it even feel like giving, because all you're doing is doing what you'd do anyway. It doesn't look like anything you thought it would look like. It doesn't necessarily look like being a 'kind' or a 'nice' human. You don't even say shit like this 'I want to be a kind human' because you don't give fuck, you're not trying to be anything other than what you are. We are all one organism, but this does not mean we keep popping our head over the fence to neighbour Joe's house to see what he's doing and give him instructions on how to mow his lawn. We have our fucking home to deal with and manage, that's our job as being the individual in the whole. And our job has already been coded into us, with our desires, not the ones that were programmed, but the true desires. We just follow that. And sometimes that doesn't look 'kind' or 'nice'. God 'nice' people piss me off, I can see right through you! Anyway... stop trying to be of purpose & just wake the fuck up & start living life with the real you taking charge because you'll are pissing me off. PS- I find it hard people still want to work with me, you guys are idiots do you want me to keep slapping you in the face? But really I know only a minuscule % of the people who read this stuff actually get it, for the ones who don't why are you still reading? If you get it, and if you want me to beat you up and work one-on-one together send me a message. $10k for 6 months. I'm really pretty warm & cosy deep down.

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