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I was into bashing crypto for a minute & now I don't care

I had a minute where I was getting all fired up about the crypto traders, it was fun, now I'm over it.

I'm really not interested because it's just not necessary for my life & for what I teach.

The way I manage & grow money has nothing to do with crypto & never will- until it potential becomes a currency I can actually use like currency.

Some of the businesses I invest in will pick up the technology, so I'm always invested in the 'future' because these businesses are huge visionaries. I stand on the shoulders of them.

I have more interesting things to do with my life than spend my days reading through reports, chats, or looking at my investments.

I'm totally uninterested in that. And it's totally unnecessary to build long-term wealth.

I don't watch the news. I don't know shit about what happens in the world.

I do this purposely. I keep my world fairly clean.

I'm very conscious about who I let in & what I consume.

I actually do a lot of nothing. But I seem to do everything I really want to do and still have time left, except for when I'm with my boyfriend then time dissolves.

It wasn't always like this. I used to have 10min blocks in my calendar where I'd remind myself of things I needed to do, my entire day was planned the week before, and I never seemed to have enough time or do anything I actually really wanted to do, and the idea of doing 'nothing' was totally obscene that just felt like a waste of time because I needed to squeeze everything out of each second.

Then slowly I started to drop everything that didn't turn me on, including the things that made me money but I didn't enjoy, I dropped friends, I dropped lovers, I dropped 'keeping in touch', I dropped 'needing' to go to birthdays & weddings, I dropped consuming the news, I started to walk away from conversations that were dull. Not because I didn't have the time, not even because I was even adverse, but just because it didn't excite me.

Now I come back to money & investments. It doesn't excite me at all. The only thing that excites me about it is the space & freedom it provides when I have it all automated and working for me. I get excited about it not being a 'thing'.

And not looking at it is a totally different ball game, that'a avoidance, and the subconscious can feel that, it still takes up space in your life but more like the hum of a fridge, just because it's not noticeable doesn't mean it's not sucking some of the pleasure out of the things you are focusing on.

But once that hum stops, you feel a great sense of peace, things become so much more spacious.

I don't need to be swept up in the outside world happenings to make educated decisions with my money, in fact I'd say that being overly engaged in it leads to emotional & short-focused actions, which leads to below average long-term results.

What I teach is not for those who want to be day traders. I teach the artists, I teach the academics, I teach the dreamers, I teach the Mums. So they can be more of themselves by putting money aside because they now understand it, the have solid strategies in place, and it's all automated.

Today School of Money went live, we start with investment education so you know how to manage your own investments with ease. You still have time to sign up & you'll get access to the investment education section right away. Click here.

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