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If it doesn't turn you on it's not going to turn the people on

If it doesn't turn you on it's not going to turn the people on.

So it actually gets to be as easy as following your turn on.

It has nothing to do with pushing & grinding unless that turns you on.

And it also has nothing to do with staying in bed all day, unless that turns you on.

You see, it's not the thing that you do, but it's the way that you do it.

There are plenty of people who never write content, who never do videos and yet they have multi-million dollars businesses.

There is no one way to do things (except for managing your finances that is the type of shit you should not get creative with).

If you desire it, it's already yours, it's you remembering your future.

The way is already mapped out inside of you.

You just follow the turn on. Even if it doesn't make sense, even if the smaller self doesn't want to do it, even if there are 'consequences', you do it anyway.

You get comfortable with listening to the inner command at each moment, it may look inconsistent from the outside world, but in the internal world, you are consistent as fuck.

The thing with the inner command is that is can change, are you willing to trust it and to take action on that command?

Most people don't trust the inner command, they ask for other peoples opinions, they weigh it all up, they think about the pros and the cons, they run the worst-case scenarios over and over in their head, and by the time they take action, if they take action at all, it's a totally watered-down version of the command, or the command has already been and gone.

And so it has no fire behind it, it was yesterday, and then they wonder why it didn't work.

Because they are chasing their fucking tail like a fat drunk man.

Just stop, listen, check-in.

Take the damn action today that the command is giving you.

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