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When You Know You Know

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Humans have a metaphysical ability to create their reality.

Of course we need to consider karma and grace.

There is that which we will get the cheque for and perhaps that is what is playing out now.

If we take responsibility, ownership and let go of resistance we loosen our tie to the physical realm, and limit the karmic consequences.

When we loosen our tie, by not taking it all too seriously, by stepping back and seeing that it really all is a game, we don't get so caught up in the drama of life.

The drama of duality.

Good vs evil. Wrong vs right. Rich vs Poor.

We can accept the great performance and choose what to engage and focus on.

We can come back to what truely nourishes us.

Our mind and the way we perceive the world can be our greatest enemy or our ally.

If we don't have control over our thoughts, we are susceptible to living in a war zone.

It's not that we are addicted to negative thoughts, it's just that they are a pattern, a familiar pattern.

So we create a new pattern, by consciously doing the work, just like we go to the gym to train our body.

We go to our inner world to train our thoughts.

When we can do that our entire world shifts, we are no longer in a war zone, then when karmic cheques show up we are more able to accept and meet them with elegance and grace.

But, just like going to the gym, it doesn't happen after just one mind 'work out', it's a lifestyle.

We can live life with responsibility or without it.

When we choose to take responsibility it requires a great deal of courage, to look at how we are showing up, and how we have showed up in the past.

To be willing to shift how we perceive duality, which means no more being 'right' and making others 'wrong'.

It's sovereignty and a natural interest in only 'keeping-your-hands-to-yourself', no longer here to judge and fix others.

You are still a messenger, but it comes from a place of pure turn-on and creative force for those who already resonate rather than trying to convert others.

How to do the mindset work? Become aware of your patterns, decide what serves you and what does not, consciously shifts those patterns that do not serve you everyday until they feel like an automation. To break in a like to ask myself during the day 'are you awake Freya?'

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