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When You Know You Know Actually

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Sometimes I forget that when I know I know.

I drop the standard since it seems barren and empty, I should just take the best of what is here.

When I was board or frustrated I would go to the fridge to see what I could would go something like this:

Last nights left over steamed potato, some peanut better, a few jars of condiments.

Ahhh nothing to see here. Fridge closes with a sigh.

A few hours and a spreadsheet later I'd go back to the fridge again.

'why are we here? We know what's in there'

'Yes but this time we look with lower standards'

And then I'd be standing at the fridge spooning peanut butter on last nights potato or eating something equally as weird and desperate.

Instead of either not eating anything and instead doing something that actually turns me on and feeds my soul, or if I am truely hungry actually just ordering what I wanted. Which would be far more satisfying and far easier on the digestive system than the potato peanut butter combination.

Think about where you're eating the potato and peanut butter in your life because that's all you can see in front of you.

Is it your income goals?

The quality of your releationship?

Your job?

Your health?

Where have you just given in and allowed the old-potato-peanut-better level to be your standard?

When we only look at what's right in front of us and take what we can get we create that standard for ourself as the 'normal'.

But when we open our eyes to that which we cannot see, that which is possibility, then we step into limitless space where today is the first day of our lives.

Today we start fresh and new.

Today we only submit to the standard of ourself that we are proud to be.

It's not what we did yesterday or even all the days before that that makes us how we express and create today.

It's who we decide to be in this moment and what kind of life we are committed to living.

I'm fully committed to playing at a higher level in my business, by demanding a new level of creative dedication, discipline and pleasure from myself, not because I feel resentful about where I'm at but because it's a vehicle for me to sharpen who I am.

I'm fully committed to those who go through School of Money to have the tools and knowledge to become millionaires.

I'm fully committed to being honest, thoughtful, aware, in integrity to my soul.

I'm fully committed to feel everything that wants to be felt and to have the courage to see what is there and meet it with loving awareness.

PS- I'm hosting a LIVE round of School of Money with 7 students.

This program will give you all the support you need to manage your money to become a millionaire.

The School of Money will teach you and guide you through all of the practical aspects of money management and investment that is required to reach and manage millions. We also pair this with wealthy mindset teachings.

This is an intensive program and can be taken at your own pace, you will have this program to keep for life, and you will also have access to all the updates and new modules. You will have live support from me during the program.

We start November the 1st.

To find out more click here.

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