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If You Want Something Done, Do It Yourself

.If you want something done, do it yourself.

Or is it now that we shouldn't DO anything?

That we put in our order sit back and relax?

And in fact if we try too hard we actually repel what we want, especially as women.

In the new age spirituality teachings of manifestation money, business and relationships there is an emphasis on being in our feminine energy. This of course adds a more dynamic layer inviting us to be more aware of that which we cannot see, which is wonderful!

Yet, it comes with strong invitation for women to become softer, receptive and passive.

While it would be too exaggerated to say that the majority of the advocators of these topics ever say to just sit, meditate and be a wall flower. They do tend to agree that aligned action is also necessary.

And that's what I want to get into, aligned action.

What is aligned action?

Let's start with what it is not.

Aligned actions my friends does not mean easy.

It doesn't mean always doing what we feel like.

It only means doing what is aligned to you.

It might be easy or it might hard.

It might be what you feel like, or it might not be what you feel like.

You might get results right away or they might never come.

All of that is irrelevant when you do what you know you need to do.

And when you be the person you know you truely are while you do it.

Honestly it often doesn't feel satisfying to me to not grind, hustle and create.

I just know that getting down and dirty is my thing. I mean I mostly eat with my hands.

So it is often not be in alignment for me to sit back and let it all come to me.

What comes is actually irrelevant when the process is satisfying.

Then results are just a bonus, a byproduct.

But if I'm honest with you, I get the biggest results when I am grinding, when I am getting sweaty.

It's important to note here that I rarely do what drains me, god if I look at a sales funnel I shrivel up like a sultana. I delegate a lot of that stuff.

I'm talking about what you know you're here to do, what lights you up, even when it drives you totally mad and you don't want to do it.

But you know you have to, maybe you have period where you think

'this is not for me anymore'

But you're just kidding yourself, it's in your soul.

It chooses you.

When I say 'it' I don't even mean a clear precise message, what I mean is the inner command that comes through you, that is the truest essence of you,

So if things are not coming to you easily, there is nothing wrong with you.

Maybe hustling is actually for you.

Maybe your soul loves to get deep and dirty, maybe that is the vehicle that uncovers the real you.

I used to say 'don't do what I did and continue to work or study in an industry/job that doesn't feel juicy'

But that was my path and I can't say that I wouldn't be here without doing it that way.

Without pushing through, I likely wouldn't be a master in finance and investments and I wouldn't be able to help thousands of people with this who can only receive the transfer of information through my voice and my way of teaching.

Don't take any of these too seriously:

Do what feels good Be in your feminine Allow yourself to receive Follow your bliss

Don't feel that there is something wrong with you because the way that works for you it to roll up your sleeves.

And on a note on relationships -being in an incredible partnership with a truely remarkable man, it was never specifically about being more in my feminine to attract this into my field, but it was always and continues to be about being more real and more present.

PS- If you want your own financial roadmap and education along the way I'd love to help you. This is one-one work for those who need a bit of an ass kicking and hand holding to get clear and make changes in their finances without doing the heavy lifting. You can find out more about the financial strategy process by sending me a message.

PPS- The photo above is from a shoot I did last week with a dear friend for my clothing label, you can check it out here.

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