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The moment I realised everyone reading this could become a millionaire.

I was 26, sitting at my desk in Collins street Melbourne.

By this time I had worked with hundreds of clients in wealth management, mostly ultra-rich and retired or close to retirement.

I decided to do some financial modelling on my own situation, my aim was to find out how soon I could leave employment.

I was pretty desperate for change. That week I was on the train on the way to work, sometimes I'd ride and sometimes I'd catch the train. It was not unlike any other morning. It was a short ride, 6 stops from my home to work. I had a book in my hand engrossed in whatever it was that I was reading, I was aware my stop was now coming up. I put away the book and made the internal direction to move my body.

But my body didn't move.

I had no control over it.

I commanded it to get up. Nothing. Totally refusing to move.

It was the last stop before the train turns around so I knew I had some time before the train left the station and I ended up somewhere foreign.

Eventually I mustered up all my power to stand up, and then one step, and another step.

Eventually I made it to work. Frustrated at my bodies lack of submission.

Whereas in hindsight I see it was a scream of desperation to get out of there.

At the time I also couldn't see any other options for my survival other than being employed in the finance industry. Plus I had studied finance for 7 years and had great experience, it would be such a 'waste' to leave (that was my narrow view at the time).

Anyway so there I was at my desk, desperately trying to give myself some end in sight, I pulled up the excel spreadsheet and made a quick financial model to project when I would have enough to have a passive income so I could have a sense of sovereignty over my life and stop trading my time for an income.

I put in different contribution amounts and different time periods.

What if I contributed $500 a month over 5 years?

$1000 a month over 5 years?

What about $1000 a month with 50% gearing (an investment loan which would mean $1500 per month)?

I was totally disappointed over what was possible in 5 years. None of the inputs got me even close the number I required.

I increased the time period.

And I was totally amazing at what was possible when I increased my investment time frame.

Only $50 p/w a week invested leads to a million dollars at retirement age.

I was so shocked at how easy this was and why there were not more millionaires.

If everyone started early they could all have a million dollar portfolio, even someone who was on a below average salary!

This is when I realised that everyone in my age group can become a millionaire.

But it's also when I realised that you need time on your side.

It only works if you start now.

If you want money quickly investing is not the way.

That's also what I realised, by necessity, I learnt how to open other portholes for income that didn't lead to panic attacks.

Being a great investor and having an investment portfolio is a life time relationship, and it's the only way to earn true passive.

The thing that I would about what I now know is that everyone can set themselves up financially. It doesn't matter how much you earn, it doesn't matter how much time you have or how bad you are with number and finances.

What I would love is to help more women to be on the way to having a million dollars and beyond.

So they have the confidence and the resources to live life on their own terms.

BUT to do that means starting before it's urgent, because when it's urgent it's too late.

Start now. There is not so much I can do for someone who is in their 60's, but there is so much I can do for someone in their 20's, 30's and 40's.

I can help you to become a millionaire and know how to manage it confidently.

PS- On November the 1st I'm going LIVE with a special round of School of Money, I'm only taking with 7 students so each student can be fully supported.

This program will give you all the support you need to manage your money to become a millionaire.

The School of Money will teach you and guide you through all of the practical aspects of money management and investment that is required to reach and manage millions.

We also pair this with wealthy mindset teachings.

We start November the 1st, enrolment is open now.

To find out more click below or send me a message.

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