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Invest Portfolio $800

I’m giving away $800 for you to invest SECURELY for the next 24 hours only…details below

I had an amazing masterclass with my girl Sarah Mac yesterday.

Sarah invited me on to speak to her group mastermind, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to speak to women on such a HUGE topic.

The topic of protecting and building wealth.

I said to the ladies that I'm not interested in investments, companies, coins, fx, strategies, the economy.

None of it excites me.

What excites me is creating a foundation that provides security, that allows the space for life-style design, for creative expression, for independence!

I have absolutely no interest in the next hot thing, or how to blow up investment returns using coins.


Because what I know is the data, and I know the data says most people loose who trade this way.

I also know the data that says there is a way to build wealth and essentially guarantee it.

The mathematics and over a century worth data tells me exactly how to grow wealth that will provide an income to live off.

No buying or selling. No complex strategies. No timing the market. No searching through obtrusification.

Clear. Precise. Calculated.

There is a difference between investing because it is exciting, which ultimatly looks like a gambelling strategy.

And investing because what it provides is security and freedom.

Two different things.

I want to give you a gift, I offered it to Sarah's ladies, and now I'm offering it here for 24 hours only.

I'm going to give you $800 USD to invest using an investment strategy and a financial strategy that is built just for you.

For the next 24 hours if you join the last opening for School of Money, we will create an investment strategy, a financial plan, plus the money mindset. Once the strategy is done I will transfer you $800 to use for your investment portfolio.

Offer closes Sunday 21 1pm AEST.

Click here to join and get access right away.

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