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Managing money is actually pretty simple.

Investing is super simple.

Building out a detailed plan for the future while having more than enough for right now- is also simple.

You're NOT simple for not knowing it's simple.

You're NOT simple for not knowing HOW to confidently manage and grow your money.

We were never taught this stuff, maybe we learnt a little from our parents, listened to a few podcasts or read a few books.

But it's kind of all over the place. Feels like a piece of swiss cheese, with a few holes of what you don't know.

And you're not super confident in what you do know about finance and honestly wonder if you'll ever totally understand it.

You admitted along time ago you're just not that good with numbers.

Plus it's easier to keep doing what you've been doing since it's kind-of-working, maybe you've saved a bit of cash, perhaps even own some properties, maybe even dabbled in investments!

I get it. Why fix what's not totally broken?

People often come to me for financial advice when it's urgent. A relationship breakdown, a purchase of a property, a death, a birth, a retirement on the horizon.

Because before they were just holding it together, duck tape finances!

But when it's time to call it in, when it's urgent, the options are more narrow and you can't do so much with it.

But when you start before it's urgent, that is when you can really create massive wealth and order with your finances.

Orderly finances give more space to focus on what is really important: love, relationships, creative expression, health.

A financial roadmap is what give clarity and confidence, you know where you want to go and how to get there.

I absolutely love working with clients to unveil their vision and build a a detailed plan for them to get there. It's truely mind blowing to see what clients can achieve with financial empowerment and a solid plan.

A dear client, Chad, who went through the financial strategy process with me said

"Freya was a total magician and educator during the process of establishing a financial game-plan and road map ahead for me. She really dove into every detail and option, while making sure I understood what each step meant. Much more thorough and educational than I originally expected. Would recommended for anyone looking for comprehensive personal wealth framework and crystal-clear action steps forward!"

If you'd like hands on non-biased educational support to create a decisive financial roadmap and investment strategy I'd to support you.

This is very intensive work on my end, which is partly way I love it, I get to totally nerd out on the numbers and strategy.

But mostly I love it because I get to help people change their lives to support what's truely important to them.

This process empowers people who never thought they would totally understand finances let alone be able to call themselves financially savvy by the end of the process.

Send me a message if you think it might be for you and I'll walk you through it. I'd love to hear from you.

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