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Investing should not feel like you're at the Casino

I get super excited when I meet someone who can hold a conversation with me about finance & economics that comes from a place of spaciousness. Someone who understands how averages work over the long-term. Someone who understands that if you're chasing, you've already missed it. Someone who sees that fancy is amateur when it comes to building wealth. That can see that a seemingly complex problem like building wealth can be solved with a simple solution. BUT this is not common. People either no nothing at all and it feel totally overwhelming by the idea of growing wealth, so they just 'later' it and don't look too closely. Or they are so caught up in it all. In all the detail, in the rush, and are totally blind to the bigger picture. Last night I met someone who just 'gets it'...this is so so so rare. But it's actually not difficult, it's actually so simple. It can seem so overwhelming because there is so much noise & information out there. Most of it via people who have never studied finance or worked in finance. And the information that is from those in finance are generally pushing products. So even if you wanted to understand it, who do you listen to? I get it. And even if you found someone who wasn't biased. What if you couldn't understand what they are talking about? It's too much. So you do nothing, you wait. Wait you have the 'time. Which is code for it's too complicated and I feel so far away from actually understanding it to even be able to put a strategy in place that I feel confident in. It can be really really complex. But it doesn't need to be. And after working for 10 years with the most well known fund managers in the world, I know that even with the most complex strategies, it's often not the most effective way, it's certainly not necessary. There is a path that is pretty clean, clear & gets you to the destination. It's the simple way. When I worked with uber rich families there was this idea that more money meant more complexity and systems. We would put in place complicated structures, and invest in private due-diligent heavy investments. Because more money often ups the level of sophistication, and the simple way becomes only for small and 'simple' money. BUT again and again I saw the same thing. Simple over the long-term always beats complex, no matter the size of the pool. When I say simple it doesn't mean careless or sloppy. It means using the power of averages, using mathematics, using the closest thing to certainty- of course we can never be certain of the future, but we use the closest thing to that. It means taking the emotion out of financial decisions. It means understanding at your core what kind of life you want. And from that place setting up the strategies based on statistics and strategies that are automated. Strategies that are shown to work since the beginning. This is what I want people to understand. I want them to understand how simple it is, I want them to stop getting swept away and listening to the people who are waving shinny objects in their face about getting rich quick, I want them to be able to have a fucking conversation with me about finance & economics. I especially want this for women. Women tend to be more risk adverse. Which I believe is what is the reason that they on average get better returns than men, when they actually do invest. But many don't even start, even though 86% of women want to invest, they just don't know where or how to start. Women tend to get what I teach more than men. They don't have this overly enthusiastic naivety to investing that I see many men having. Women tend to understand averages, look at the data, to be broader in their perspective with wealth to be focused on the long-term. That is once they learn it. Women tend to gamble less than men, and I see a lot of men invest like they are at the Casino. Investing in the financial market should NOT feel like gambling. And once you learn investment fundamentals based on statistics and long-term proved methodologies, it is never gambling and it won't feel like it. It's gambling if you are trying to get rich quick, have a short term view and have no fucking idea about actually fundamentals. The Casino always wins. And if you're sitting on your cash doing nothing, perhaps you think you're playing it safe. You're actually not even giving yourself space to win, this is a SURE loss. Your money literally gets eaten away each year as prices rise. Each year you could be using the power of compound interest to build your wealth, and it's so simple once you understand it. $100,000 over 40 years in a bank account will have the purchasing power of $30,000 by that time. You're literally wasting away money and not even having any fun while you're doing it, at least the gamblers are having some instant gratification. I teach all of this plus beautiful money management in the School of Money. This is the stuff you will keep forever and you'll now know how to make decisions that will support you. You will learn how to manage & master money, and beyond that we will also go into your beliefs around money and reshape them so you no longer live in a state of underwhelm & stress around money (because that shit doesn't change no matter how much you earn!) Join now to get start Invest Like A Queen right away and build your own investment portfolio, then we start School of Money on Feb 22, you can take everything at your own pace. Click here to sign up.

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