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Investing Was Out of Reach

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Learn About Ethical Investment for Women through Coaching Program
Ethical Investment Coaching Program

One of the reasons I started my business was so I could teach women how to manage their money.

I wanted to support women in particular because of my Mum. My Mum is an amazing human, my partner said she looks mischievous in the photo above, it's true she is, she has a wonderful sense of humour and adventure!

When I was a teenager I remember she worked incredibly hard to make ends meet, working days and night shifts, she would come home to sleep after a full day of work and then get up a few hours later to do the night shift.

Mum did build wealth, but she sacrificed a lot during those years.

I want Mums to be able to go beyond making ends meet, I want them to be wealthy without sacrificing. So they can have more time and energy for themselves and to do what I consider one of the most honourable jobs on the planet- bringing up a child.

To be wealthy we need to be investing, there is no way around it.

I want women to see that they don't need to invest much to make a huge difference over the long term.

Investing $50p/w means a portfolio worth MILLIONS in this lifetime. You can make or re-arrange things to have an extra $50p/w, I know you can!

So for the next 48 hours, I'm offering my investment program Invest Like A Queen on a payment plan of just $100 a month. This program is normally $999 upfront, but I want to give an opportunity to those who cannot afford to pay it upfront and those who are opportunistic are welcome too.

In this program, you'll learn how to build wealth and turn that into a passive income using the share market. Some of the key learnings are:

-How to grow wealth in a simple, easy & effective way -The fundamentals of the share market & investment markets -You'll build your own investment strategy as we go along -Investing ethically, how to do it and get great returns -How the economy works & what you need to know about it -How often & how much to invest -How to earn passive income year in and year out from your assets -The different types of assets and understand which ones suit you -How to make your money work for you -How to grow small investments into huge portfolios -The power of compound interest -Understand how to invest in a low cost, low time, effective way -How to truely diversify to reduce risk without forgoing returns

This program is 12 bit-sized modules, plus over 4 hours of bonuses. You get it for life so there is no rush or time restraint.

To access this offer click the link below, click 'yes sign me up', then choose the payment plan of $100 at checkout. You'll get access right away! This offer ends Friday 11pm AEST.

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