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Is it copying to share other peoples ideas/concepts?

I remember finding Tony Robbins in my mid 20's and it igniting something inside of me that I knew was there but never understood what it was or how to verbalise it...

I was walking around the botanical gardens as I was listening to him speak about what drove/motivated people. I had already been listening to Rich Roll because my Dad had suggested him to me as a fellow ultra-marathon runner.

I was so inspired by the way they spoke, with such candidness, they just said what they thought, they were so connected to their own truth, I could feel that who they showed up as was really who they were.

It was something totally new to me, I believed that if I wanted to be 'successful' I needed to show up as a polite robot who understood everything about everything.

I started to listen to Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Joseph Campbell...then I'd also listen to Tim Ferris, any type of business/entrepreneurial podcast I could find.

I'd stop in the middle of Melbourne CBD to take down a note of something I'd just heard that gave me that punch in the face, but a good punch in the face, feeling.

I was drawn to them because it was a truth inside of me that wanted to be seen & awakened.

I still take notes today when something stops me in my tracks and gives me that ah-ha feeling.

It's not that I'm learning or taking information from outside of myself, it's more of a feeling of 'I already knew this, I just forgot it'...

The things is, pretty much every idea or concept has been spoken before, there is nothing new, it's just presented in new ways because each person will have a different way of talking to it.

So when something is ignited in you, you are not 'copying' or 'taking' that idea or concept, it was already inside of you, that's why it felt like truth to you.

And you will have a way of embodying & expressing it that is slightly different, and someone may resonate more deeply with the way you express it than the way the person you heard expressed it.

Wisdom is not owned by anyone, it's inside all of us.

I had a client recently express that when she would get this ah-ha feeling within her, she wouldn't share it because she was concerned it was 'copying' it.

The reason it ignited something is that you already had it inside of you, someone or something else was able to reach in and pull it to the surface.

We hear so much information every day, we don't take on every piece, why? Because some of it just doesn't ignite anything inside of us, our soul is not excited by it, someone else soul might be, but that's because it's there message..

So trust that when something excites you and feels like an ah-ha, that it's yours.

No one gave it to you, it's not owned by anyone else.

I'll often say to my clients 'I'm not telling you anything new, my job is just to reflect your own wisdom & truth back to you'

Sometimes we get a little lost, listening to the information & people who don't give us that ah-ha but instead give us that sinking feeling that comes with 'fuck I'm so far away from being where I want to be'...

When I feel contracted I know this is not my path & not a message to take on.

When it feels simple, when it gets right to the core, when I feel that rush of 'fuck yes' then I know that's the one to listen to because that's how I desire to live my life.

It's my soul & my wisdom being awakened, it was already there.

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