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Is neat and tidy blocking you?

I have so many things to write about today.

I feel like I SHOULD write about what I was planning to write about because it syncs in nicely with my video I did today- side note if you're not subscribed to my videos you should be, they are juicy (link below). Anyway I have this blockage that everything needs to be neat and tidy.

But neat and tidy is just not the truth of being a human.

We are just not linear, and life is not clean. 

And by doing what we feel like we should do versus what is actually coming through us we are blocking our own flow.

Of course I like you have things that need to be done to keep the wheels turning. I have meetings at certain times and deadlines.

BUT that's really only 10% of my time. The rest doesn't need to and shouldn't run as per the rules of the 10%...unless you want it to of course.

It wasn't always like this for me. 90% of my day was already lived before I even woke up, I had my day planned out in 15minute blocks. YES 15 MINUTES! I do tend to exaggerate but on this I am not exaggerating. 

I would wake up at 5am, do a 15min morning routine, teach the 6am hot yoga class, rush to work, run at lunch, gym after work, cook dinner, read, stretch, bed, repeat. 

So how did I go from having my day 90% planned (and out of flow) to have 90% of my day IN flow and still make money? In fact make more money than what I made working in finance?

I was lucky enough to have a background in business and finance which certainly helped me to build businesses and income streams. However that's not the real reason. The real reason was because I leaned in to what felt right, I ran with it, and I didn't wait for it to be perfect.

Now I get to run 2 businesses I love, host retreats, soon to be launching an investing app and I get to coach incredible clients to support them to bring in abundance ohh and they actually know what to do with it when it comes in.

Because what's the point in having the thing if you have no fucking idea what you're doing when you get the thing?

Follow flow, do thing that is going to move you forward not the thing that you've always done.

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