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It's comfortable in the zone of excellence, a comfortable slow death.

If you truely desire to operate from a clean place, a place beyond competition, beyond right or wrong, beyond analysis. A place that is playful, that is sharp, that delivers beyond what you can even imagine...

Then you have to be willing to step out of what you've learnt and what you're likely even excellent at. Step out of the thing that gets you the results, the thing that has given you security.

Close the potholes to field of excellence, of expertise.

Those things you can do with your eyes shut.

But it doesn't turn you on, but you continue to do it because you're good at it and it pays you.

When I first started my business my offer was purely financial strategy. I was good at it, clients loved it, I was charging $5,000 to do strategy for a couple and could do around 4 per month. It was a solid business model. It was easy. I employed an awesome team to do all of the back end & to build out the financial models & do the heavy lifting. I even enjoyed my clients.


It didn't turn me on, I didn't wake up excited to get out of bed to do it.

I have to mention that a few years before this when I was employed in finance in Melbourne I wanted cancer, I really believed cancer was my answer to freedom because I could see no other ways out of my life that felt like a cell.

This was not like that all. It had been a year since I left that life.

And I was now in my zone of excellence. I had freedom to work as I wanted, with who I wanted & how I wanted. I was living in Bali in a villa in the rice fields, life was pretty good.

BUT it wasn't juicy, it wasn't unimaginable. It was all very imaginable.

So I shifted, I stopped doing financial strategies which was my main source of income. I started to say no without really knowing what I would offer.

People started contacting me to mentor them on money & finances & business, I said yes, but I noticed only a very small amount of the sessions were spent on that.

Most of the sessions would be on activating their own genius zone. It would always look different on the outside, but essentially that's what we were doing.

Then money, great relationships, creativity, business results, health just came as a byproduct of accessing that zone.

In these sessions I would often access knowings that I'd never learnt, I'd be able to navigate so precisely into what needed to be done, said, activated, and it was always different. Logically I couldn't tell you why or how it happens.

This is my genius zone, it's beyond anything I've ever learnt, often it's not even something I've thought about before so it's a huge turn on for me because it's not scripted or planned, I'm unfolding myself.

I still play in my field of expertise in the realm of teaching about the practical nature of money & investment, this is what I have learnt, this is not what I have come up with. I ask myself why do I still teach this? Why don't I just focus on my genius zone?

Because I feel like it's so important to know and no one else is really teaching the foundational stuff in a way that is palatable & accessible. I see so much terrible advice & the average 30-something making un-educated decisions with their money, and it pulls me to speak about it.

But now that I'm writing this I can see this is not entirely true, it's true about the terrible money information, but it's not true that it's only in my realm of excellence.

The way I teach it is my genius zone. I've never learnt from anyone or seen anyone teach it in the way that I do.

I combine these teachings with my pure genius zone, with the energetics, being the artist of your own life. Going beyond even what you desire, into the unimaginable. To do this you need to access your own genius zone.

It's here where the 'things' just become by-products, and you hardly even notice when they arrive.

You need both to live life on your terms.

Recently I was listening to a woman who is clearly in her genius zone, BUT, even though she has a multi-million dollar business she is still paying off debt & has no financial investments. She said this as a throw away comment.

Financially stability will support you to access your genius zone, to access freedom.

That's why I created the School of Money, it's both the practical & the energetics of wealth & freedom.

We kick off on April the 14th, 4 more days to sign up.

Click here to find out more.

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