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It's normal to be supernatural

Last night I was getting a massage I was laying there thinking about all the things I wanted to do for work.

I felt behind.

I've felt this before. Occasionally I decide to sleep in, and I'll get up with this feeling like the day is already over & there is no space for me to do anything other than 'catch up'.

It actually doesn't appear as often as it used to, I would literally feel like this all the time, no matter what time I got up & how many things I'd do.

And I would let it be the truth, running around manically, always thinking about the next thing, writing out my list & being so focused on crossing shit off.

Leaving no space for the realm where everything happens by just deciding.

Playing way too much in the physical world.

Because I didn't have faith that I had the ability to be supernormal....which is actually just normal but not utilised by many....

I didn't have faith that actually I don't need to do all these things to get the results, that the results come because I decide that's who I am, and the results are really irrelevant anyway, they are just 'fun'.

And sometimes I still get dragged into, where I'm out of the moment, and instead, I'm planning & strategising.

There is for sure a place for planning & strategising. I will write out the things I want to get done, but more as a way to clear my head now than actually to demand that's how I move through the day.

Instead, I decided that I don't need to do all the 'doing' to have it all.

To receive consistant 5 figure monthly income, to be fit & healthy, to live in a beautiful home, to have deeply connected relationships with Chris, to have beautiful relationships with friends & family, to play etc...

Whatever the things you desire to create, know that you can have it all, but in my experience, it doesn't happen by playing all in the physical realm, where 'compromises' must be made.

This is when the drain & the exhaustion & the 'catch up' feels is present.

In the massage I reminded myself- 'this is exactly where you need to be, self-care is the 'thing', the results come because you decide not because you do your 'to-do' list, and I decide that everything is already done'

And it was totally on cue that my masseuse encouraged me 'to release, let it all go, there is nothing to prove, to let go of the responsibility'

He is a fucking soul reader that man!

The idea of playing in the quantum realm might seem unhinged, not solid, vague. I get it.

I know for myself when I get in the space of fear or lack, I want to solid plans, I want organisation, I want to run my day like a drill surgent. Because ultimately I've lost faith & truth in myself & the universe. And from this place accessing the other realm is not possible.

And this is why people who are super stressed, poor, burning the candles at both ends, are sick, will often continue in the same loop, because they do not allow space to access this realm because they don't trust it. Instead, they search for information outside of themselves, trying to find the answer.

I have my moments when I feel shitty, and I know it takes a huge leap of faith to be re-installed. It's a deciding. It's a stopping of the craziness of all the doing, which takes total faith because the small mind will scream 'but if you stop all the doing, you won't get any results, and everything will crumble'...

So it takes faith to see there is space and that there is another way...

Don't get me wrong, I still 'do', in fact I 'do' quite a lot, but I'm always checking in with myself on if the 'doing' is coming from a place of lack & being 'behind', or if it's coming from somewhere deep within me or even beyond me from a more mystical place...

We all have access to this realm because we are here.

The how doesn't matter, I don't know how it works.

I also don't know how a camera works but I still use it, fuck I don't even know how my fingers work, but I still use them. I don't sit there google how shit works in order to use it, I'd spend my whole life on google, and still not really understanding it anyway.

Perhaps you think the energetic realm is fanatical? Maybe you've accessed it a few times but put it off as a fluke...then you decide that you'd like to learn more about it one day so you can use it....

But we don't need to understand it to be able to use it as a function, just like our fingers.

For me there is also a slight fear of accessing this realm because it means being vulnerable.

It means things are messy, it means that I cannot see the whole picture, it means that I may be perceived as an irresponsible human, or a little crazy, or maybe even unintelligent in the academic sense, or (insert any fear of judgment here)...

Because I cannot say how it works, because I cannot give you proof other than the results of my life, because I choose to create my own reality rather than being in the one most people live in...

Yes it gets messy, yes it get hairy & wild, yes people might judge, but fuck they are going to judge anyway....

But accessing this place is the place where you can have it all....

Where you can play with life.

Where you can see it's not so solid.

Where you get to receive what you desire.

Where I can see that time & money are only limited by illusion.

Where the purpose of 'doing' is not for results but because that's what we desire to do, and of course the results are already on their way because that's how it works...

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