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It's not your business if people can't afford you

When I first started my business I'd often base the value I'd provided on time spent. But the truth is I've been in finance for 11 years, I studied one of the top courses and also have a CFP. I spent almost $40,000 on upgrading my knowledge (and that's just in finance). I spent years working my ass off. It takes me just a few minutes to see the picture with someone's money & finance roadmap. I have automatically already formulated a more effective cash flow strategy, investments, debt repayments, mortgage structures, insurances, retirement funds and tax before you even finish looking up your interest rate. So do I charge for just a few minutes? Hell no. I charge for all of my experience and all of the education, that supports me in being able to see thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, and sometimes even millions of dollars in savings and extra income & growth that someones is not capitalising on. I actually charge a lot less than the long term value it provides, A LOT LESS, and a lot less than what someone pays someone to manage it for them. Because I teach you how to do it all yourself so you don't have to pay someone every year. But even now I feel like I'm justifying why I charge. I charge because I'm of value, irrespective of all my experience & education. The truth is you can charge whatever you want. Even if you feel like you haven't had any experience or any education in that area, you charge because you're you. There will always be someone who charges more and there will always someone who charges less. I give this advice to my clients too- rather than comparing your services and prices to others in the market, just do what you know you're here to do and do it well, charge whatever you please for it. Don't think about it. Go with your first thought. It's not your business if people can't afford your services or products. There are people that can. That will value what you provide no matter what you charge. I know I would rather work with people who love to pay me, who pay me on time, who value me. Not people who complain about the price. These people are generally the people who struggle with money, and who never seem to have enough, because this is the energy they carry with them, 'money is scarce' 'everything is so expensive'. I definitely work with these people, because I can do soo much to shift this, but I only with the ones who are willing to see that this is a belief and are willing to choose a different way. So what should you charge? I don't have the answer. You do. I can tell you what not to do- don't analyse, don't consider who can or can't afford it, don't you dare look at what other people are charging! Instead, go with your intuition, let the number come through you, feel that it feels right that you know that the services/products will provide mega value for those who go all in. And remember it's not your responsibility if your clients get results or even if they like what you do. It depends on where they are at, their stories, their commitment. You just need to love what you do, you need to be sure that you'd buy your own products & services and pay the price you charge for them. PS- I'm opening up my calendar again for one-on-one mini 15min sessions. You'll share with me where you are & where you want to go, and I'll give you feedback on the roadblocks and what you can do about them. Click here to book in.

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