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It's who you become on the way

It's not the thing that you're aiming for, but who you become on the way.

It's not the income that will make you happy, but you might be happy with the type of person that you become who earns that amount.

It's not about reaching it or not reaching it.

It's about putting yourself out there and going for it.

It's never about the end game.

The win is the process of going for it.

The loss is all the people in the world who have a dream and a vision but die before they ever put it out into the world.

It's so sad.

The musician who only plays when no one is listening.

The writer who never finishes the manuscript.

The creator who never executes an idea to the finish line.

That's the real loss.

Talent is unimportant, it's not about being talented. It's about having the courage & the respect for creativity to bring it into daylight.

Even if it's not perfect.

The only thing I remember from Sherly Sandburg's book was the poster she had in the office at Google that said.....

'it's better done than perfect'

This is something I live by.

If you ask any published well-respected author if they were 100% happy with the content of their books, 99% will say that there were holes and undeveloped areas they weren't 100% happy with but it was good enough.

The other 1% are lying.

The difference between someone who wins and someone who doesn't, is courage, the courage to go after it and keep on keeping on.

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