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Just Say It

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

how to believe in yourself and say what you want
Just Say It

Why I say things even if they are unpopular and are totally irrelevant to what I sell.

Sometimes I try and keep my opinions to myself. And then it just comes out without warning.

I feel like if I was to keep it in I would get physical ailments. Perhaps that’s why my health is pristine!

I did say to my partner yesterday ‘live streaming has the same effect as skipping’ I feel so much clearer afterwards.

I do not adhere to the belief that saying what I believe, even if it’s unpopular, has a negative impact on my income. I decide to have money month in and month out, irrespective of what I say.

In fact, I’ve noticed the opposite, when I say the things wonderful clients show up in my life.


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