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Let the hands take you there

There are these moments where I think, 'maybe I'll take a break for a minute, maybe I'll start talking more about the share market'- perhaps that's 'easier' to write and talk about. For sure there are times when I DO feel like talking about the share market, I wake up with that as a message- 'remind myself & others to invest in the market consistently'. But sometimes that is not the message, actually often I don't even know what the message is until I start writing. I'll actually avoid writing about something that feels personal or tender for me. And then boom I've started to write about it. My hands take me there. Kind of like when you forget your password, but your hands remember. When I don't know where to go or what to do next, I allow my hands to take me there through writing. I journal, A LOT. Then I'll write content. Often inspired by what I've journaled on, but sometimes nothing to do with it at all. I know this voice that says 'be a little less Freya, be a little quieter, be a little more private' It's the one that comes from feeling like if you know all of me, my business will fall apart, I'll make no money, my family & friends will leave, etc, etc. But I know that in truth it's the opposite. When I speak to the stuff that seems a little 'off path' from finance and very raw, that's when I have even more people contacting me wanting to work together. That's when I seem to magnetise incredible people into my life. It's when the money flows. When I'm not focusing on what I think people want to hear but instead letting my hands drive the ship. When I let go of where it's going, and instead sit back and enjoy the show, I'm directed by something much greater. When we collaborate with that deeper pull so much more than what we could even imagine is welcomed into our lives. When we let the art be the message, without thinking about what the message even if, it actually doesn't even matter. There is one note I'll add here, the difference between dumping & sharing that a coach I worked with spoke about and I really resonated with. When we 'dump' on others and on the world we come from a disempowered place, wanting to be saved, feeling hopeless. This is when you read someone's post or chat with a friend and feel drained afterwards, they've probably 'dumped'. Sharing is very different. Sharing comes from an empowered place, it comes from vulnerability but not with the pressure of expecting someone to fix the problems, it comes from a place of gratitude for having the experience. I generally only share once I've got to this place where I feel empowered. Yes it still might feel a little raw, but I've created space. Even when I go to my coaches & mentors I will come from this place. Remember your hands know the way, let them play. PS Get Wolf Pack monthly mentorship now open only $89 for the first month. Click here to sign up.

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