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Lifting a Heavy Weight

When I first started training at the gym I could barely squat with the bar bell. I got a personal trainer. I would actually get mad at him when he trained me, I never said anything but my resting bitch face said it all.

It felt so damn hard, I felt like such an amateur at it. And just as I nailed one level of weights or one exercise, he would change it on me and make it more difficult.

I didn't get why he would punish me like this. I just wanted to rest on one movement that I could manage with ease.

I knew logically that this is how you get stronger but I honestly don't think I'd ever really practiced working with and accepting resistance as actually a vehicle for improvement before.

It was awful because I met myself clearly at where I was at, there was no hiding behind assumptions. And the feedback of where I was at rubbed at my ego, since I wasn't all that 'good' relative to the others in the gym.

There is not much in my life that I've been straight up great at. Actually nothing. And so often I would stop, not necessarily because I didn't like the thing, but because I realised I wasn't that good at it and I had a very long road ahead of me- and that road was uncertain if I'd ever actually get to a stage where I felt at ease with the thing.

It takes practice and dedication to get good at something, for most people- I'm not speaking to the naturally gifted people, since I don't know what that is like. And yes you might work your ass off and still not ever 'make it'.

So then it's the question are you willing to commit even if you never get the results? But knowing that it's like going to the gym, you will get stronger, you will get the results if you keep going, how long? That's uncertain. It's the same in business.

I used to get triggered by seeing people post about earning 6 figure months because it would be a stark reminder of what I did not have, and I wanted it, now! Like in the gym, comparing myself to those who were where I wanted be, not related to as as inspiration but as envy.

I still feel envy and jealousy, I still go and stalk the pages of woman who are making $100k or $200k per month, but now I'm able o quickly shift the perspective into inspiration, and by having them in my field allows me to celebrate and feel financial abundance, it's incredible to see so many women succeeding, that possible can elevates all of us if we let it.

I also no longer care so much about the results, because I feel within myself the results of who I know am compared to who I was 4 years ago before starting my business. The priceless result of the effect of showing up for myself and my business, a vehicle for self-actualisation.

Becoming financially wealthy is like lifting weights, it doesn't get easier, since the goals get bigger, but it does get more effortless and you do get better at it. Oh and the resting bitch face falls away.

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