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Make business pleasure

'There is no 'thing' that will finally give you permission to be free to be all of you.

No amount of money. No business. No relationship. No health. No physical body. No achievement. No external mastery of a practice.

It starts and ends with a decision to step into it right now irrespective of external circumstances.

The external 'things' will naturally increase in quality in quantum leaps when you make the decision to follow your own pleasure.

I'm not talking about surface-level-instant-gratification type of pleasure, but the type that commands you, the type that shakes the cage of who you think you need to be & what you think you need to do.

It's the type that knows no rules. It knows no past. It has no attachment to the future. It's your game and it's on now.

You never 'play' with other people like prey in this arena, it's truth, you're beyond manipulation, you have no interest in controlling others.

It's clean.

This is the difference between people who have businesses that feel like 'play' and people who feel like it's 'work'.

This is where you no longer need sales tactics, you no longer need to wave a carrot to get people to buy, you don't need to handle objections, you don't need to run advertisements, you literally don't need to do anything other than what turns you on.

It might look like some of those things, but it's not for the outcome to lure people in to buy.

It's for the 'play'.

Same in relationships, same with fitness, with food, same with all of it.

The turn-on is the closest thing to our truth before the stillness of consciousness.

It's not even about the 'doing' the things, it's being in the energy of the turn-on.

It doesn't matter where it leads, because it's a pleasure right now.

But it doesn't mean it's not chaotic, it often means saying 'no', saying 'no' a lot more than what you're used to, no only to others but to your own patterns & habits.

Saying 'no' to the things you think you need to be you, the practices you think you need to do to be 'successful', to see that you need none of it.

When you stop racing, rushing, controlling, fixing, improving, managing, maintaining...spontaneity & magic happens.

But it can only be in the turn-on, dropping what 'needs' to be done.

Letting yourself procrastinate, it's only procrastination because you're judging yourself for not focusing on the 'list'. Fuck the list.

Procrastination is not the distraction. The list of shit you think you need to do to stay afloat & move ahead is the distraction.

$10,000 one-on-one incredible soul clients come to me seemingly out of the blue, never because I 'hustled' or 'pushed', they just appear in my inbox.

My programs fill with exactly the right people at the right time.

It never ever comes from me following the 'rules' of how I'm meant to do it. Sometimes I forget and I do the 'things', and then I remember I don't need to do any of that. And I hate doing it.

It always as to do with my own energy, with being in my own turn-on.

It doesn't mean I do 'nothing', sometimes the turn-on is to create or express, but it never comes from being 'motivated' it comes from truth of following my own direction which needs no fuel.

My people reach out to me and know pretty much straight away that they want to work together. They don't even need to know how it all works, in fact they don't care, but we lay it out anyway, even though they already know it's a yes.

They often pay in full, it's a joy for them to pay, because they understand it's an investment, not a risk, because they are the kind of clients that they themselves want to attract.

They are more than it being about the money, they use business as a vessel to unfold who they are, as a vessel for play, for expression.

They love to work with me, and I love to work with them.

All my clients turn me on, now, it wasn't always like that. Now that I follow the my own direction only a certain type are attracted to that, my type.

Life gets to be a pleasure, the entire way through, it gets to be graceful, and it gets to be on your terms.

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