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Make it rain, money rain

I had no idea how to make money. 

I had no idea how to make money. 

I thought only professionals in offices made good money. That the choice was either an accountant, a doctor or a lawyer.

I knew business people could too, but hell I didn't know what kind of business to do, let alone how to even start.

I thought money was hard to make, that I had to study super hard, and then study some more, work hard, and then maybe I would make money. 

Well I did that, and I started to make money, but I sure as hell didn't enjoy what I was doing to make money. And I definitely didn't know what to do with the money, and I even studied economics and finance and CFP and had 10 years experience in the finance! I bought short dresses that I would spoil with sambuca and whatever free drinks I could get.  

Back to actually making the money. It wasn't until I started to spend money on things I actually enjoyed for self development that I started to see how I could make money from doing something that lit me up. 

The first course I took, that wasn't to do with finance, was a yoga teacher training. Wow it blew my mind, I didn't know it at the time, but it changed me, it re-shaped me, even my boss commented one day that I changed after it, I listened more, rushed less, was more thoughtful and confident when I spoke. 

Then I actually started making money from teaching, I mean this was something I would have done for free! Sure I wasn't going to get rich from teaching yoga at studios, but I was doing something I actually really loved and was getting paid for it!

Then I went travelling and spent all my savings, around $35k.

Bad financial decision you might think?

You'd think wrong.

This was the best investment I ever made.

I made space for myself to notice what I actually enjoyed doing and realised how much I hated what I had been doing.

While I was on holiday I studied plant-based nutrition course and a raw food chef training, because that's just how I roll. Not to make money, just for interest. Now I get paid to run raw food retreats in Bali, I'd also do this for free!

I got coaches. A business coach, a relationship coach and a financial coach. I spent over $10k on coaches in the last 6 months and I'll continue to. I've made more personal, financial, relationship, business progress in the last 6 months then my entire life.

I can now see the opportunities that are fun and enjoyable, actually I don't see them, I make them.

I don't need to feel ready to take them, but I do it anyway.

I used to contemplate for half a day on if I'd post something or not. Now I don't even proof read, yes I know there a mistakes, but I learned to let go. That it's better done than perfect. I would have never dream about doing a facebook live, I did my first last week, just writing facebook live gives me the shakes.

The thing is we will never be ready for the stuff that's really going to move the needle.

The blog post you've been wanting to write.

That business you've been wanting to start.

The coach you've been wanting to get.

Stop waiting until the right time. Because the right time doesn't come.

You have to make it the right time, yes it will be uncomfortable and scary as hell to commit, to pay when you feel like you don't have enough.

The self-development IS the catalyst for change, stop letting your old patterns stop you from moving forward.

Spend big on yourself it will come back more powerfully then you can even imagine.

Want to start actioning your desired life? Book in a free consult here.

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