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Make it Work

My grandma grew up on the land.

Grans Mum, Dad and baby brother travelled from England to Australia in the early 1900's.

With a promise of a great future in prosperous lands.

They were placed in the middle of the bush, with a simple hut, and basic rations of flour and sugar delivered every few months.

They had to learn how to be resourceful in order to survive.

Gran was a little girl and would walk 4kms everyday by herself through the bush to go to school, sometimes there would be a stampede of kangaroos coming through, she would put her back up against a tree and wait for them to pass.

Soon after Grans Dad left them- he was a drunk damaged from the war.

They had no choice but to make it work, to keep going.

'working it out' was just part of life, there was no 'I'll try', 'I'll see'.

There was a huge amount of value put on the basics. A relationship had to be cultivated to understand how to master the environment in order to survive.

I listened to Jewel on Joe Rogan podcast and she said something like 'In order to have a relationship with anything you must value it first' (amazing episode by the way! She is a very wise woman).

In this day and age all the primal urges are delivered at a click of a button.

It's easy to forget what we are actually capable of since most of us haven't had to survive physiologically, so we haven't strengthened that muscle of resourcefulness and commitment 'no matter what'.

Having a relationship with something I commit to no matter what has been paramount in sharpening my being.

Being sharp is absolutely required to create something extra-ordinary.

To not get caught in a sloppy yet exhausting cycle of instant gratification that leaves us empty.

Deciding to do something difficult and to treat it like it's life or death, to start to push the boundaries of what you think you can do.

To expand the walls of your being.

To learn how to be still in chaos.

How to respond rather than react.

Do something hard, something satisfying, that requires you to build a relationship.

Want to make a lot of money? Want to have great relationships? want to feel life running through you? Want to to bed every night feeling spent and you know as soon as you close your eyes you'll have a deep sleep because you gave it your all and life gave it all back?

Do something difficult, master it, that's how you build your internal world to be resilient, soft, compassionate, grateful and wise- without that none of the 'things' matter we can't hold them without it.

Tomorrow we start School of Money- the live addition.

This is about mastering money and finances at a core level so you will know how to make smart money decisions for the rest of your life...

I sell it as that since that's what people want, how to make more money & how to manage it, and we do all of that....but what I know creates huge transformations is the cultivating the inner world- emotional intelligence, resourcefulness and understanding how to tap into the systems and support beyond the physical.

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