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Make Love not War

I just started watching Maids tonight on Netflix, I'm only two episodes deep and I've cried, laughed, screamed and fist pumped.

There is one scene where Alex (the main character) has lost everything and more, she rushes past her new sassy friend to go and hide in a ball on the floor in her room.

Her friend follows, knocks, no answer, so she just comes right on in. This is no time for being polite.

Her friend gives her a minute to feel grief, but when the shame and apathy comes she kicks her up her ass and yells at her to get off the floor, stand up for herself and get moving.

This is such a great moment, it reminds me of that part inside of all of us that tells us to pick ourselves up because this is not our standard of normal.

And we refuse to let it become our standard of normal.

When crisis happens it's a breaking point, it demands action and change.

But we can catch it earlier.

There is also the slow quiet death of an unfulfilled life, it often doesn't have a loud crisis.

No bang, no drama.

The one that puts off 'the things' until later because there is no urgent crisis.

But it's a slow death of dreams and connection.

That is not normal, it might be average, but it's not normal.

It's not asking for a grand life with big stories and big things.

But space to be free and food for the soul.

I have big ambitions for the standard of living for all humans.

Especially women.

Learn how to manage money, how to take care of it and grow it. Learn how to bring income in in a way that is fun and nourishing. Be confident and safe financially, then you can go beyond that and unlock your creative, self-actualised version of yourself.

Most people wait until crisis or never even take the steps because it's not 'urgent'. For me the biggest fear is not loosing what I have, but playing a small game or getting defeated by life.

This week we started School of Money- the live addition. This is about mastering money and finances at a core level so you will know how to make smart money decisions for the rest of your'll know how to make more money & how to manage it....BUT what really excites me is the massive transformation from the inner work, where we start to see our actualised self.

You still have time to join, you'll be able to watch the first session right away and dig into the investment education. We close the doors for good on Monday.

Click here to find out more.

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