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If you desire it, it's yours.

Not some far away 'want' that you don't actually truely desire.

Not the 'want' that you use to prove that the universal law of being granted what is inside of you doesn't work.

If it doesn't feel natural then it's not the true desire.

That's often the first barrier to expressing our self-actualised life.

We are not connected with our true desires.

We either get distracted by what is shiny and looks good on other people, and chase empty things, accolades and relationships.

Or we settle on a life that feels like it's half-lived and an up hill battle, with a few weekends away every now and again.

I fell into working in financial advice. I needed the money and I saw an advertisement at my university of a financial advice firm looking for an intern.

When I was ready to leave that role and spread my wings I went for the natural progression at another firm.

My boss said to me 'if you want to continue down the financial advice path a CFP is the best qualification you can have to excel your career'- CFP is like a post graduate in financial advice.

I knew when my boss offered me that vision it wasn't really mine.

I was so afraid to listen to myself. I was afraid of 'starting over'. I didn't know what I really desired. And I was so afraid that if I dug into it was something not 'safe and secure'.

So I took the vision he gave to me.

I did the post-grad program.

I went to NY and tried to make myself believe that's where I wanted to be- Wall Street!

My willpower is insane. Which is actually a disservice when out of alignment. Since I endurance, and endure and endure.

So for those who have willpower and endurance, it's even more paramount to check in- is this truely where I'm meant to be right now?

If the answer has anything to do with safety or justifying that external things will change soon. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but likely going to continue.

Life is always inviting you to go for it or to stay in comfort.

I'm also sorry to say that if you want to live an extraordinary life it takes courage, it takes a sharpening of yourself.

The only way to sharpen yourself is through friction.

That friction is also what blunts your sword when you surrender to it or are unaware.

The friction is the sandpaper. The sandpaper are the thoughts made of excuses- often relevant and justified excuses, but excuses all the same. They sound like

'Not right now', 'I don't have the time', 'I can't afford it', 'I will once I have/do/finish XYZ'.

Sandpaper at the right angle can sharpen a sword. With intention, with awareness, with preciseness.

To become aware that excuses are an excuse and there is always a choice for something else, something else that requires a different movement from what the excuses are calling you to do.

In School of Money, I don't just teach you about managing and growing money, I show you and encourage you to sharpen your sword. To become emotionally aware, to become aware of your inner workings, and to choose internal systems that support you to live a self-actualised life.

It's hard to describe the work that we do in School of Money, it's the practical stuff-yes, but it's so much more than that- it's learning how to become the fully evolved version of yourself and creating an extra-ordinary life.

We start on November the 7th and I have 5 places left. While I'm not into pushing the 'urgency' sales tactic (it's pretty gross to me) this opportunity doesn't come around very often. This round is run with live aspects and is fully supported with access to me, I have only done it this way once before last year.

Click here if School of Money sounds like it's for you.

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