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Momentum of the moment before

In investment trading, there is a strategy called momentum trading. It's as it sounds- you buy when the asset prices are on the way up and sell on the way down. It's actually quite a complex strategy because you don't want to miss the boat and buy when it's at the top and sell when it's at the bottom. My suggestion is to not try and time the market at all and just invest consistently. BUT I didn't come here to write about investment ed today. It's easy to feel great when we've been feeling great and it's even easier to feel shitty when we've been feeling shitty. But shifting from one to the other takes practice. Actually I read a study a while ago, I have no idea what the specifics were, but what I do remember- the average participants could easily slip from feeling great to feeling shitty, but to shift a shitty feeling to a high vibe one took much more conscious energy. And why is shifting emotions even important anyway? An 'emotions expert' I had a heated conversation with recently was adamant that emotions do not hold vibration & joy is no 'higher' than apathy. That's certainly not my belief. While I'm certainly not afraid of 'shitty' emotions, in fact, they can often spur on creativity once processed, I'm not going to allow them to just sit there moping in their stained sweatpants listening to Celine Dion. Just need to make it clear that I DO NOT listen to Celine Dion, except when my vocal teacher asked me to find a 'high' pitch song, I went to 'my heart will go on' and it brought me back to primary school days where I went to the cinema 6 times to watch Titanic, 6 friggen times! Who even was I?? To the emotions......I'll process the shitty ones and shift them with the juicy feel-good stuff thanks, I'll take the fanciest high vibe thing on the menu. Right now I'll take the buckwheat banana pancakes with raspberry jam & coconut yogurt. I'll take the joy, the happiness, the sense of peace. While yes the ham and cheese white bread sandwich layered with margarine might be on the menu (certainly not at the cafes I go to though), it's certainly valid, I won't deny it's not there, but do I need to unconsciously order the damn thing? I sit down at the cafe I've been to before and the waiter just brings me the same thing because that's what I ordered yesterday? NO. I'll choose my order. I decide how I want to vibrate in my day today. Not based on yesterday. And if I order something that tastes shitty, I'll just order something else. I don't need to eat it and allow it to become me just because it's in front of me. While momentum is helpful, don't let it work against you, choose to decide that it's easy to shift, to order something different. When I find myself sitting in front of a ham & cheese sandwich I say "hi, I see you there sloppy sandwich, you have a place on the menu, and I see you've been ordered because I haven't been clear with the waiter, I understand. There is nothing wrong with you, you're just not my taste, you can stay on the table if you'd like but I'm not going to eat you." My feelings do not stick on the walls like a soggy piece of tip-top bread. I'm the sky, throw the bread and it has no nowhere stick.

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