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Money doesn't want to see your Grandmas plate collection

Fast money, the type of money that shows up unannounced in the middle of the night at your door in a black coat, 6-inch heels and nothing else ...

But really you knew she was coming, yes you're surprised, but at your core you knew that she was always going to show up...and part of the allure was that none of it was planned, none of it was organised...

That's fast money...

But in order for her to show up- and this is the important flirt with her, you let her know she is welcome, but you don't harass or follow her around like a puppy dog...

You give her space, you let her do her thing, knowing that she'll most likely end up at your door...

The second thing is you need a DOOR for her to enter into, in fact she needs to know where you live. You have to open the door for money to enter, OFFERS you guys! you need to be making offers, the more times you slip in your address the better.

The third thing is that it's gotta be from soul, and to trust the direction given to you from soul...the one that says keep the back door unlocked, buy the top shelf shiraz for your potential evening guest, shave your know that voice.

Fast money gets to be soulful, gets to be sexy, gets to be fun.

You don't need to run around like a headless chicken crying the roof is going to fall in. In fact that's a sure way to have her spin around on her heels and walk in the other direction.

Most people think they need to do a million fucking things before they can actually send the invite (make the offer), and by that stage, their leg hair has grown back and they are repeating the cycle of 'getting ready' all over again.

You just decide that you're ready, make the damn offers, and if she doesn't show up, invite money again and again and again..

Most people give up way too soon, without actually ever DECIDING that she will show up...

They have this desperate plea as they look down at the floor and shuffle their feet as they invite money "well if you'd like to come to my place later, I, um, um, have a great collection of antique easter bunny plates"...

Money doesn't want to see your Grandmas plate collection, and you don't want to show them to her, stop being coy. Ask for what you want.

Money wants a good time, ask her straight up, look at her in the eyes, tell her you're into her, you think she's the bomb, hand her your address and tell her she's welcome anytime...then walk away.

That's how to get fast money.

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