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My 6 year old self makes me thousands of dollars

I won't lie, I've been scared AF, I've felt super alone, I've thought about getting a 'job', I've cried on the floor feeling like this is the end. Today I even cried when Chris told me about the shop owner he saw sitting with his head in his hands in hopelessness. Many people are suffering right now, they are not sure how they will pay the bills, let alone the fun stuff like holidays & fancy things. The basic need is safety. When we don't feel safe it's IMPOSSIBLE to feel abundant. It's impossible to attract in abundance from this state, so then we are on the hamster wheel, and this is really the reason why the poor stay poor and the rich get richer. But the truth is there are also a lot of people who have money and they are spending and investing. The money has not disappeared. People still want to buy, in fact now is the time more than ever when people are needing support through programs & coaching. They are spending a lot of time at home and have the time to do self-care and want to buy products that will support their well being. It's just a matter of shifting the delivery so your service/product to match the current environment. Why I know this to be true... There was still this fear next to me that I was know this saying 'the wolf you feed is the wolf that grows'? I wasn't looking because I didn't want to feed it, but I knew that it was coming in for the kill when I wasn't looking. I feel like sometimes I come across very strong, very sharp, very tough. But I'm actually very sensitive and soft underneath it all. To be totally transparent I'm not physically with my beautiful man right now and it breaks my heart that we are not on this island together, the travel restrictions came into place just as he was on his way to me, and I made the decision to stay because this island feels like the place I need to be right now. And we've done distance, but now there is a big question mark on how long until we see each other again. I've also been holding the fort for many people going through tough times, which I know is my calling, I know in my heart I'm here to hold the hearts of others. But I was starting to feel it all myself. But what if people stop wanting to work with me? What if it all drys up? So I did what I do for my clients. I fucking went in, and I went deep. I went into Beta state and got into the subconscious, I invited up that little girl who has been carrying the fear, the one I've been feeling by my side. I told her it was safe to come out and be seen. I asked her what she needed. She told me she needed to feel safe, she needed to feel loved, she needed to feel like it was all going to be ok. I gave it to her, I opened my heart and felt all of the safety inside of myself spread to her, all that love, all that trust. The small child relaxed, and began happily playing in total trust. It's difficult to explain because this state is not a state that the conscious can really comprehend. It was a deep knowing inside of myself, you know what I mean?? I came out of the state and back into this world and all I felt was lightness. I opened my bank account and had thousands of dollars more than what I had the day before and I had new clients sign up. I feel like I'm a broken record with the stuff, but I'll keep repeating it, because even I forget, actually everything I say is firstly a message to it is... It's the reprogramming that magnetises what we desire, it's not the repetitive thinking and problem solving. Yes it's the action taking but only when it comes from being in alignment because that is us acting in our high vibration, not because of the action itself. If you're interested in how to reprogram your fears, uncertainties, scarcity beliefs, past pains, I'll be working through all of this in Reprogrammed. Only 7 more days to sign up. This is the lowest cost program I've ever run with value that is equal to, if not more than my other programs. Click here for the details.

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