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My biggest income month yet

I've had some big wins to close off Nov.

And I want to share my celebration.

I had the biggest financial month yet with $23,000 for Nov and I had a $12,000 program launch.

And yes I know life is not all about money. Especially not the incessant chasing of it which seems to cause suffering. That's not at all what I encourage or practice myself, even though I do have money goals.

It's not a 'I need this to be worthy, to be whole, to be important'. While all those things are definitely areas that sometimes feel lack in. I know that's a message to give it to myself first, not from some external source.

It's a decision to feel wealthy in all areas of life, to feel the invitation of life in each moment and say yes to it. Rather than 'it's not enough, I need more'.

While feeling the invitation of life I still have goals, I still seek, but I do it playfully.

It's gratitude, gratitude for the experience of life itself with or without the things. But it's a lot more fun having the things.

A friend sent me something this morning that said something like 'to have a blissful relationship with money is to not think about money at all'

I know this feeling of obsessing about it, fear that I wouldn't have enough, I experienced a lot of this in my early 20's. This is a pretty fucking awful place to be in mentally. It doesn't even need to just be around money it might be about a person, a job, an athletic activity. And you feel like you NEED this thing it in order to be you.

Which is totally not true.

But on a practical level having money, a great relationship, some kind of purpose, and being healthy helps me to feel that invitation of life, of play. But the invitation is of course always there with or without these things.

A friend sent me this morning a tweet that said something like 'the most blissful relationship with money is one where you don't think about it'

And I totally get how draining obsessing about money is.

But not noticing money can come from a feeling that money is a little dirty, little shameful, a little vulgar. I'll use it, but I'll do it under the table, hand it over quickly, whisper about it, and try not to notice it.

The thing with money is that it is totally neutral until it comes into relationship with you. It's a mirror of your beliefs and actions.

You can also decide that money is light, is good, is freedom, is fun.

It takes on the identity you put on it.

I agree that in order to have this 'blissful relationship' with money obsessing about not having enough has no place here, but it's not about not thinking about it, how would you like it if your friend never noticed you?

Instead, to consider money, to be conscious of it, and to practice gratitude towards it.

I'm not sure if the universe enjoys gratitude, I think perhaps it's ambivalent. Again it's whatever we believe it is. But I know for sure it's a mirror so if you're not grateful for what you have why would you be given more wealth?

When I say wealth this is not limited to only money, it includes love, health, kindness and generosity.

It's all the things, they are connected, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

I used to shy away from celebrating in the past because I didn't want to seem like I was gloating, didn't want to make others feel bad, and I didn't want to be judged for what I called a celebration and someone else rolled their eyes at.

Today I went surfing again for the first time a year **side note- I'm in BALI you guys!! So great to be back here**...anyway when I caught the first wave of the day I squealed with glee and high fived my a pro wouldn't do that, most people in the water are way more advanced than me, so comparatively I might have seem a little silly and amature.

A few years ago I would have paddled back to my teacher and told him all the things I did wrong, and while I still like to critique to progress, I celebrate first.

A win for someone might be taking a shower, it might be making a million dollars or it might be ordering something for the menu that's a big fuck yes.

Celebrating these small or big things is what I feel is like a big YES to life.

Only then once I've celebrated, even if it's a small internal whisper of gratitude...I'll actually use those who are a little more advanced than me as an expander to show me what's possible.

Because celebration is important, and so is having the next goal.

Progress allows me to bump up against something to unfold more of who I am.

But taking that moment fully celebrate first, before I'm onto the next domination has been a total game-changer.

I'd love to know what calls for a celebration in your life right now, no matter how small. Message me so I can celebrate with you xx

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