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My friend believes in me more than I do

Have you ever thought fuck that person is incredible?...they could do anything, they have so much potential, they have no limit to what is possible for them... And you just fucking believed in them so strongly...nothing that they did or achieved would even surprise you... This is pretty much how I feel about all my current clients... And I'm often surprised that they are surprised when I hold their vision as a reality for them...they are like really? You think that's possible for me?.... Of course, it is, what you didn't think it was?? Last night I was speaking to a friend and he was like 'do you realise how fucking amazing your life is, do you realise that whenever you mention to me that there is something you want to call in, the next time we speak it's already been done?' be honest not really...I doubt the shit out of myself...I'm always second-guessing myself, 'I'm not ready for this, this is not really possible for me'....but I guess where I'm different from 99.9% is that I just keep on keeping on with the trajectory anyway & I don't let the lack of results stop me from creating... I often don't even realise until it's pointed out to me what I've called in (the results)... My friend believes I'm more powerful, I'm more capable than I believe I am... I believe more in my clients' visions, then they do... Sometimes our soul asks others to hold the vision for us...then they remind us of it.... and when they say it we just know it to be true 'ohhh yeh' that's right, of course,it's a reality... Then I remember that I get to call in whatever I desire...and the reason why I know it's not only possible but that it's the ONLY possibility is because I truly desire it, and I decide that if I truly desire it that is because I'm just remembering my future... If you got really honest with yourself, what are you telling yourself that is not possible for you? What are side-lining? For me, it's: Around my romantic relationship which I don't feel like sharing right's calling in millions of dollars from my's being famous.... OMG I can't believe I finally fucking admitted that, as a child, I was always performing, I loved to be seen, to be witnessed...some may call this egoic, yes that may be true, but deeper than that it's also soul that wants to play & perform... Admit what it is that you want to call in, find people in your life who can hold the vision for you to remind you of who the fuck you are, then put that shit on a post-it note & remind yourself...or do what I do and write content every day that looks like a message to the world but it's actually a message to myself from myself. PS- Automatic Money Bags is open for a few days only!!! Closing in 72 hours.... I've never opened a program during a program before, we are in week 5 of 12....but it's just so fucking good I wanted to give you the chance to join us..this program will teach you how to manage your money like a pro, you'll be able to access the first 5 weeks right away plus bonuses including managing your money as a business owner, a bonus money mindset program, and also vision planning pre-work. I'm only opening doors for a few days, if you want in click here.  Fuck it I'll also add in a special $199 off for the next 72 hours! Use the code BAGS as checkout.

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