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  • Freya Savage

My god when will it happen?

My god when will it happen? When will it stop feeling so damn hard. You've been doing all the things but it feels like you're not getting anywhere fast. In fact it feels like you might even be further back from where you started. So you try harder, more, more, more. But you forgot that it cannot be controlled. That only surrendering will allow you to move forward. That only surrendering brings empowerment, control only brings desperation and hardness. Let yourself flow. Make choices around the outcomes you do have a direct impact on like what to eat, to make your bed, to invest in your savings account, to kiss your partner good morning, to meditate, to create for art's sake. But release the need to control what you're body 'should' look like, how much money you 'should' be making, how many sign-ups you 'should' have, what your partner 'should' do. The only way to get to where you desire faster is to surrender to it all, to release the need to control every detail of your life. To trust that you're exactly where you need to be and the reason life is the way it is right now is that it's happening FOR you, even if it doesn't feel like it, it is. I'm not saying GIVE UP. To just throw all actions to the wind. NO NO NO. The more we focus & resist, the more it persists. So focus on what you can do, focus on the art of life, on the living, on the creating. Focus on the little pleasures in your day; the smell of a flower, the dance of a tree branch, the touch of your fingertips on your own skin. Release that pressure of where you think you should be. Yes have a vision, but wear it loosely like a silk dressing gown. Want to get there faster? Play, trust & surrender.

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