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Niching is for the dead

There is this idea in the business world that you need to niche' in order to be wildly successfully.

And for some people they are more than happy to put themselves in a small box to play in.

At some stage every entrepreneur will seek out this small box, and will draw in the walls in tighter and tighter.

Because this is a small space, small spaces are easier to control, you can imagine what will happen in this small box because there isn't much space for anything else, and that feels safe. This is the box where you can control your 'success' and you can be 'clear'.

This is the space many people play in, this is the space that many business mentors will encourage you to build for yourself.

And it can work, it's a game that is basic to play.

But for the genius it is torture.

This is where depression, anxiety, fatigue starts to stem from inside for those with huge potential.

This is where confusion comes in because they start to think something is wrong with them and this is why they cannot find peace & satisfaction.

So they think I need to heal myself, it must be all that past trauma, I'll go back into my childhood, to the ancestral lineage, past lives ect.

The plant medicine, the shadow work, the meditations, the readings give some kind of recourse.

But it's never ending, the focus on it takes you into a smaller box, and the idea of creating anything at all even the 'niche' thing seems so fucking exhausting.

You tell yourself once you heal than you'll be able to access liberation, then you can fly, but until then you stay small because a small breeze feels like it could crush you.

But actually it's so much more simple.

It's so simple people don't believe it.

That you break down the walls, you don't need to niche', you don't need to polish, you don't need clarity.

The art is what will heal you.

We are multi-facaded, we are all infinite, we are not one thing. To believe that we need to be consistent in our art is totally ridiculous, the greatest artists did whatever turned them on.

They allowed themselves to flow from modality to modality, not because that's what they thought they should do, but because they couldn't not.

Because the turn on was so strong & clear.

They didn't necessarily know where it was going to go, and it wasn't important, because the turn on always lead them to something beyond they could imagine anyway.

But you have to be willing to trust it.

Not a trust that is dependent on being provided with outcomes.

But a trust that is trust. Dependent on nothing, unconditional.

This is where the outcomes stop mattering because the moment becomes so satisfying everything else falls away.

The money, the clients, the results become totally irrelevant.

But they come anyway and on a grander scale, without the pushing, without the scheming.

But you no longer really care, because you are creating art.

The niche' is your turn on.

Anything else you try and niche' becomes sloppy, poor, empty because it's based on a picture you've frozen in time.

So it's no longer true, it's no longer real, it's 2D.

Only the very small percentage of entrepreneurs are willing to create in this way, and not because it takes courage. Actually I find it easier to do it this way, the step-by-step by the book way take courage because that is soul destroying, that's when 'motivation & inspiration' is required.

But it's hard for most people to believe it.

Especially because most entrepreneurs are disciplined and 'hard workers', and they hold these 'skills' like a badge of honour so to not use them seems like sacrilege.

You can see the way someone is in behind closed doors by looking at the way they treat their body, the way they drive, the way they interact.

Is it with 'will power' or with ease and quietness?

This is how they really are in their business, this is how they are in all of life.

It can still look fast, it can still look like a lot of movement, but it's carried with grace.

Someone said to me 'you have a great body, but you must work hard for it'. Actually no I don't, I don't use will power, I don't force myself, I just follow what turns me on then it's easy, it doesn't mean that I don't sweat & I don't go all in. I do. But it's easy, there is no need for motivation or inspiration.

It's the same with my business. It's so simple, I only do what turns me on, I either delete the tasks that feel 'meh' or hand them over, I work when I want to which is generally around 2 hours per day, but sometimes I might sit in flow for 8 hours, I have $25,000 months, I don't polish anything, I don't prepare, my clients are all exciting to me & I look forward to our sessions.

I create what I want to create when I want to create it, I don't care if it has nothing to do with finance or money.

I don't give a fuck if the marketing G's think this dilutes my message.

My feed is full of photos of me looking 'like I want to kill someone' as my friend said. Definitely not the image branding professionals would recommend.

But I do it for me. Not for you.

That means that I only attract a small group of clients, but they are the only ones I want to work with, the ones who are willing to peel down the walls because they can't stand the box anymore. The ones with huge genius potential. The ones who do it for the art.

Send me a message if you feel ready to work one-on-one together, I have 2 places available. This is for someone who already has a message, who is already creating art, who is ready to step further into their genius and who is looking to create multiple 5 figure months.

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