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Not everyone wants it all

Everyone has a different ideal expression of their life.

The ideal within us is what drives actions and eventually expresses itself in the form of our reality.

Everything in the world right now was once only a thought.

That thought born from the soul and delivered to us.

As our direction.

Just like we each have a unique finger print, we each have unique ideals.

That is what makes this world we live in so rich.

Deep desire is an ideal.

And is a powerful motivator.

The thing is it's often the primal instinct to stay safe that overruns deep desires.

It's what says 'I'll start that later once I have this other thing sorted'

And this primal instinct for safety is like rocket fuel, it can become addictive in order to drive action.

We take action only when our back is against the wall.

And many times this primal survival instinct has gotten me out of a funk because of the necessity to pay rent or groceries.

Fear is a different movement and limits the standard of results, it puts a celling of 'I just need this much' on what flows in.

It creates in the realm of problems rather than in the realm of possibility.

Fear has low standards.

Deep desire has no celling of greatness.

It goes way beyond 'just enough'.

Deep desire has nothing to do with greed or with want.

Greed and want come from a 'not having'.

Deep desire says 'I'm always supported. I have all that I need. And I walk towards evolution and growth for the purpose of evolution and growth'

Because we are vehicles for creative expression and have the senses for extraordinary experiences.

Over almost a decade now working with people on their envisioned life I have seen so many variations of the 'ideal' life.

Never are they the same, ever.

They often have similar genres but the story is always unique.

The uniqueness becomes more obvious the more we feel like our basic needs will always be taken care of, the expansiveness, the greatness and the playfulness comes out.

There is no end to what we can create, to the life we can live.

It's a game with no final level.

That constantly invites evolution.

My clients are my inspiration, they are committed to growth, to experiencing themselves and what the world has to offer, to experiencing their own power and the beauty of life.

Yes all the things are fun to have. But ultimately the having is not important, it's only an expression of being.

A sign post of our internal being.

Having the things requires being the person first.

We are required to be able to hold wealth and responsibility before it is truely let into our life in the physical form.

I'm so excited to see what will be created next from deep desire.

I'm excited for the big thinkers, for the vision holders, for the dreamers who hold humanity high and empower the individual to take responsibility for their own lives.

I'm for the woman who live in possibility and who are always playing to get to the next level.

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