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NY Goals are for 'high achievers' who go to die locked in white picket fences

I don't want it tied neatly in a bow. I don't want the fairy tale. I don't want to change anything, fix anything, especially not myself. I certainly won't write out NY goals and put myself onto ridged train tracks of what my limited imagination can provide. I already get it all & have it all without trying. And what I want is never what I thought I wanted. I want what I don't know. I'm here to play, to experience. Blindfold me. Goals? Expectations? Boundaries? Standards? Visions? Gone. Because I trust in the moment I'll know if it's a yes or a no. If I put it in place now, I've already grown out of it by tomorrow. I'm writing a book and can't even keep up with myself, I move so fast I've already blown up the constructs of what I thought I knew last week. Constantly deleting what I wrote because it no longer stands, I've already outgrown it. New Years goals? FUCK NO. Before the last firework, I've already moved on. Sure I know energetically what is already mine, what I desire, but it's a remembering of my future. It's a plaything, I draw it into my field but I don't make it matter. There is no grasping. Because I know I don't need any of it. I really don't give a fuck. And when you don't give a fuck (but still enjoy) you always magnetise. I have more money than I know what to do with it (I mean I do know what to do with it because I'm a finance expert), but I have more than enough to live off. I'm really good at what I do, but I don't attach my value to it, and I don't care who buys it, I don't care if no one buys it, but of course, they do. I seem to always have people in my sphere who light me up & turn me on, even though I often find myself preferring to be alone. I notice when I say no, I have no fear of losing anymore, and always more exciting dynamics enter into my field. But the difference now compared to a year ago, is that back then I was 'surrendering' to get an outcome. Now I literally don't give a fuck. Yes it's fun, yes I like to play, but it's no longer the 'thing'. The game of life is the 'thing'. I'm the 'thing'. Being someone I would consider as a 'high achiever' I was told and I believed I needed goals & I needed to track them in order to progress. And yes I achieved what I focused on. But that was the problem, I was focused on a goal. A goal that is limited by what I've experienced or what is in my field. I was closed off for the unlimited possibilities of the unknown. Monotony, incremental progress, striving & apathy lives in the home of goals & to-do lists. It's where 'high achievers' go to die.

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