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Open your eyes to dreams

Dreams are mystical realms where we are able to move past the physical barriers and tap into the emotional and connect with knowledge and lessons that are otherwise blocked or more difficult to sense in this waking world.

Last night my Gran came to visit me. We were sitting on the bed together. When I was a small child I'd crawl into bed with her. I'd even sleep in the bed with her in my 20's, we both said we slept better sleeping next to each other.

Our faces were so close to each other, was she cupping my face with her hands? Or was I cupping her face with mine? I'm not sure...I wish I could remember everything she said, but that's the part of grief inside of me. I know that the words were not so important, I do remember she said very seriously 'I love you Frey' and looked right into me with those blue-grey eyes lined with deep expression.

I noticed that I wanted to hold on to her, I didn't want her to go, and it was as if I was blocking the love & the message from being received fully into me.

What comes through in dreams is often a reflection of the waking world, if we move through it in the dream world, it correlates to moving through it in the waking world.

I asked myself where else do I hold onto a sense of impending loss while I'm present with the person, thing or feeling?

Actually quite often, especially drinking my favourite chocolate shake from Deli Devi in Koh Phangan made with frozen banana, raw cacao and coconut. OMG I'm craving it right now mmmmm...but yes while I'm drinking it I'll get this sense of sadness that it will be over soon. Maybe this sounds like a silly example, but this thing is amazing!!

I remember being a kid and going to my best friends house to play, we'd cringe at the thought that I'd be picked up in a few hours and we'd go and hide at the park.

I even found myself speaking to a friend recently saying something like 'I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop' in terms of how much I love my life and my work, and I feel like it's all going to crumble because it's too good.

The thing with this is that it takes me out of the moment, it steals the joy, it takes a little piece of my presence and puts it into a box of sadness and resistance.

What if I fully accepted things are they are? What if I totally released any thoughts about the future? What if I allowed myself to fully enjoy every moment?

The great thing about the human mind is that we can time travel.

This morning I sat outside under the frangipani tree and journaled on the visit from Gran. This processed allowed me to drop back in, to revisit and recreate how I related. I am fully present, I take in all the details, I filled the grief & shock with love & light. I feel how the sound of her voice warms my insides, I feel the love & support through her eyes.

Thank you for the visit Gran, I hope you come back, but I won't be sad if you don't, because I can always time travel and I know that actually nothing ever ends because the fragments sit inside our hearts.

Dreams are messages for us that are trying to claim our attention. This is what I do to allow them to support and expand my waking world:

  • I write the dreams down first thing in the morning because they are slippery things, even a trip to the loo can have them fall out of your fingers.

  • Before bed I'm present with myself and spend a few mins in nature, no screen time an hour before bed.

  • If there is something I'm not sure about I'll ask myself as I'm falling asleep for my dreams to illuminate it.

  • If there has been an unfinished dream I'll ask to be taken back there

What some common dream happenings might mean (from Shamanism):

  • Eating food, this one happens to me all the time, I'm always eating cakes and cookies, I literally wake up full! This is like a superpower, you are getting more energy & getting stronger.

  • If you can shift what is happening in the dream, so it doesn't feel like a movie, but it actually feels like you're in control. This is an incredible strength, keep working with this and shift the darkness into light. This is a sign that you are learning to create your reality in the waking world.

  • If you often get taken to violent underworlds, this is a sign you are here to illuminate the darkness. Not an easy task, it's only given to those who have the ability to do so, so know that you are able to, but it's up to you if you choose it or not. See it as a type of training for the waking world. If you do not want to be taken here and you do not want to do this type of work in the waking world then before you sleep to make it clear that you do not want to be taken there.

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