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  • Freya Savage

Out With the Old

Space is where the visionary likes to play. 

After 5 days on a remote tropical island on the Great Barrier Reef with no phone or internet, I had no choice but to step into the space.

But it's not always that easy. It's not every day that we are forced to make space, so we must make it for ourselves. 

It's the workhorse that feels valuable as a busy bee filling the day with to-dos.

The visionary is the one who chills in silence, the one who is in no hurry.  Who knows that there is value in 'not-doing' but not the kind of 'not-doing' where we are thinking about the things we must do.

Tiredness can easily set in when we are using the visionary as the workhorse. Procrastination, overeating, watching Netflix, sleeping when we actually don't need to.

Not to say that some of these things are not valid, because they absolutely are, if the intention is to do that thing in itself rather than to distract ourselves from the workhorses jobs. 

Why do we distract ourselves from the workhorse's jobs? Because we need to feed the visionary, so it's the visionary that shows up and is crying out for us to stop and to pay attention. 

The workhorse is asleep in the stables and wakes up once the visionary has been attended to. 

Einstein would sit with a glass of water in his hand and relax. Once hypnagogia washed over him, his hand would loosen its grip on the glass of water but the impending drop of the glass would bring him back to wakefulness and with it a great idea or the answer to whatever he was contemplating. 

More on this in the video below xx

I work with my clients to build a life that is financially freeing and soul-aligned, through money mindset, financial education, and creating multiple income streams. If this speaks to you, book in a one-on-one here xxx

PS - the above photo was my way into Lady Elliott on the Great Barrier Reef

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