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Pay back is our teacher

The script is running based on cause and effect, our life is set up like dominos, already planned out based on causation.

For most of us, unless we have come to the point where we leave no trace, then the path of causation is not our ideal divine destiny.

Our divine destiny is where we have perfect health, wealth, love, and are in perfect self-expression.

Our divine destiny is self-actualisation, realise we are god, and we transcend.

Karma are the dominos.

Every word, action and thought has an effect. Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing.

Karma is our teacher, it is the law, it does not exist to punish us, but as a mirror so we can realise our true nature & express our true nature- love.

Love leaves no exhaust fume. It creates no loops. Love frees us. Love carries us to divine destiny.

I had a friend who was heartbroken after she walked in on her husband in bed with another woman. She damned the woman and her husband for years. Then she fell in love with a married man.

This is karma for wishing suffering on others, for seeing ugliness in others and holding them in that light.

I knew a man who fought bitterly for a year over a bill, he won the case and got the money back. Soon after he crashed his car and had to have it repaired for the same amount that the bill he fought over was.

That is karma. When we focus on injustice and instilling gods job of 'fairness' with righteousness and bitterness it slowly poisons us.

Whens you feel that something is rightfully yours it doesn't mean that you just let it go & surrender'. You take aligned action, but with grace, make it impersonal. Then you hand it over to god.

When you act in love and faith, when you demand what is rightly yours, what is yours will be yours. But it may not show up in the way you expected, keep all doors open to receive.

When you give, give freely. Don't keep a bill, unless it's explicitly agreed to before you give. To give with the expectation that you should receive back without ever having the other party agree to it is against the law. It will come back to you. Be it in love, with money, or even as simply as buying someone lunch.

Receive graciously, that is god giving to you, god gives through others since He must work through Man to incarnate on this physical plain. Receive without keeping the bill of what you believe you must pay back to that person, unless it's already been agreed to.

That is freedom, to release the need to 'pay back', only available through love, forgiveness and grace.

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